year1 Mod 2 part 1 Pipe and Materials

  1. DEFN

    Nominal Pipe Size

    approximate inner diameter of Standard or Sched 40 pipe
  2. Pressure rating for STD threaded pipe=

    sched 40
  3. Pressure rating for XS=
    200psig, used in steam supplies

    sched 80
  4. Pressure rating XXS=
    1000psig +
  5. how do you figure out wall thickness of pipe?
    • wall thickness = OD-ID
    • 2
  6. Defn

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  7. Defn:
    Unified National Course

    Machine or bolt threads

    UNF(ine) for unified national fine threads
  8. T/F

    For UNC threads, the threads per inch or the pitch decreases as the bolt size increases.
  9. Pipe Abrv

    Cold working (water) pressure
  10. Pipe Abrv

  11. Pipe Abrv

  12. Pipe Abrv

  13. Pipe Abrv
    Steam Pressure
  14. Pipe Abrv

  15. Pipe Abrv

    Water, oil or gas
  16. Pipe Abrv

    Working Steam Pressure
  17. Proper procedure in sizing a Tee
    identify size of run from largest to smallest, then the branch.
  18. Forged Steal Threaded Fittings available in three pressure designations

    Fitting Class. Sched# Weight
    2000 80 XS
    3000 160 ---
    6000 -- XXS
  19. Socket Weld Fittings available in three pressure designations

    Fitting Class. Sched# Weight
    3000 80 XS
    6000 160 ---
    9000 -- XXS
  20. Image Upload 2
    Blind Flage
  21. Image Upload 4
    Lap Joint flange
  22. Image Upload 6
    slip on flange
  23. Image Upload 8
    socket weld flange
  24. Image Upload 10
    weld neck flange
  25. Image Upload 12
    Ring type joint flange

  26. 2H Nuts wrench size =
    bolt diameter x 1.5 + 1/8"
  27. XXH nuts wrench size =
    bolt diameter x 1.5 +1/4"
  28. formula used for centre to face measurement for 90' long radius butt weld elbow
    NPS x 1.5
  29. formula used for centre to face measurement for 45' long radius butt weld elbow
    NPS x 5/8
  30. formula used for centre to face measurement for 90' short radius butt weld elbow
    NPS x 1
  31. how much carbon in good qulaity cast iron?
  32. main characteristics of gray iron
    (has graphite flakes in it)

    • - resistence to wear/corrosion
    • - low heat expansion
    • - fractures easily
    • - cannot bend
  33. Characteristics of Duriron
    • - silicon is added
    • - expansion three times greater than gray iron
    • - very bittle
    • - VERY high resistence to corrosion
  34. Defn: Annealing
    to heat then cool, softening to make flexible
  35. what is the flow capacity of copper pipe?
    20% greater than steel or iron, it expands much more though
  36. What is brass?
    copper + zinc
  37. What is bronze
    copper + tin
  38. Copper Colour Coding

    Type K = Green (thickest walls)
    Type L = Blue (medium walls)
    Type M = Red (cannot bent, hard temper only)
    Type H = White (thin wall, for hot water heat systems) no longer available
  39. what is the heat expansion of copper pipe?
    1/8" for every 10ft and 100'F temp change
  40. List four reasons for supporting pipes:
    • - to carry the weight of the pipe and contents
    • - to grade the pipe system with adequate slope
    • - to prevent sagging or deflection of piping
    • - to allow for thermal movement of the system
  41. What is Thermosetting?
    resins reacting in plastic pipe to hold a shape or form, cannot be reshaped. Stronger of the plastic pipes.
  42. Disadvantages of plastic pipe:
    • - high expansion
    • - low tensile strengtch
    • - creeps
    • - low heat resistance
    • - low ductility
    • - low fire resistence
  43. advantages of plastic pipe:
    • - chemical resistance is good
    • - not affected by electronic corrosion
    • - smoother bore
    • - absorbs shocks well
    • - economical
    • - easy to join
    • - low absorbtion rate
  44. what is the greatest disadvantage to ABS piping?
    supports combustion. PVC is self-extinguishing.
  45. which plastic pipe is used for underground gas lines?
    high density polyethylene
  46. What is the minimum surface temp for solvent cementing plastic pipe an d fittings?
    5'C or 40'F
  47. Nesting of pipe refers to:
    the storage of pipe with smaller sizes in larger sizes.
  48. List three types of plastics best used for acid waste and vents:
    • - polyethelene
    • - polypropylene
    • - proxylene
  49. Name three ways of joining plastic pipe
    • butt fusion welding
    • socket fusion welding
    • hot air fillet weld
  50. List three type of plastic pipe that can be joined with solvent cement:
    • - ABS
    • - PVC
    • - CPVC
  51. How do you find the Fitting Allowance (F.A.) when cutting pipe?
    Thread Engagement (TE) - Throw (T) of the fitting

    Subtract FA from the end to centre or centre to centre measurment
  52. What describes cathotic protection?
    introducing an outside electrical charge.
  53. T/F
    Copper or yellow brass should be used in heating systems where the water may be highly corrosive
  54. Which of the following describes a lip union?
    has a gasket between two seating faces
  55. Which disc globe valve is ideally suited for very minute throttling?
    Plug Valve
  56. Which of the following terms describes the highest temperature at which a metal is completely solid?
  57. Standard pressure test hoses are rated for a maximum temperature of _____ Celsius
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