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  1. わがまま(な)
    selfishness, self-importance, egoism, disobedience
  2. 偉そうな [えらそな]
    self-important, important-looking, proud
  3. でたらめ・デタラメ(な)
    irresponsible, utterance, bullshit, nonsense, random
  4. 滅多に使わない(めったにつかわない) [めったな]
    rarely use, seldom use [thoughtless, reckless, seldom, careless]
  5. そこ威張るな! [そこ いばる な!]
    You shouldn't be proud of that! (Lit: Don't be proud of that!)
  6. 余計(ようけい、な)
    too much, unnecessary, excess
  7. ひょっとして。。。(「もしかして」と同じ意味の)
    by any chance (should) it happen (that)
  8. 追い返す [おいかえす]
    to turn away, send away, refuse
  9. 勿体無い [もったいない]
    profane, sacrilegious, too good, more than one deserves, unworthy of, wasteful
  10. ~について、軽く思いすぎる [かるくおもい]
    To think to lightly of ~, To not put enough worth into ~
  11. (~が)ある訳ないだろ!
    There's no way there would be (something)!, No way (something) would exist!
  12. ~するだろうに
    Should do ~ (using だろう)
  13. 見張る [みはる]
    to watch, to stand guard, to look out
  14. 水商売 [みずしょうばい]
    chancy business with a high turnover rate and uncertain profitability, night (nightlife) entertainment business
  15. 強制送還 [きょうせい そうかん]
    force repatriation (of a foreigner)
  16. 逮捕(する)[たいほ]
    arrest, apprehension, capture
  17. 生意気(な) [なまいき]
    cheeky, sassy, cocky, saucy, audacious
  18. 暈す [ぼかす]
    to shade off, obscure
  19. 引っ張る [ひっぱる]
    • to pull, draw, stretch, drag, pull the ball (baseball)
    • [may also means to shank in golf. MAYBE, though considering it means to drag, it may be the doing something slow that is more significant than what happens when you do it slowly]
  20. 喜んで [よろこんで]
    with pleasure
  21. 滑っている [すべっている]
    to bomb (when telling a joke), literally: to glide, slide, slip
  22. 買いかぶる
    to over estimate, make too much of
  23. 見くびる
    to underrate, belittle, look down on
  24. ぼったくり
    unfair overcharging, rip-off
  25. ツンデレ (n)
    being on the surface sharp and sarcastic (tsuntsun) but underneath lovestruck and fawning (deredere), characteristic of a gap between acted out actions and feelings in mind
  26. 告白(する) [こくはく]
    confession, acknowledgement, profession of love (to confess, profess one's love)
  27. 勝手に [かってに]
    as someone pleases, on its own, on one's own, without any apology, without asking, without someone's permission (highly popular; meaning same as 好きにしろ)
  28. 通じない [つうじない]
    to not get across, fall short, dead spot
  29. さらけ出す
    to expose, disclose, confess
  30. 失恋 [しつれん] (失恋した人)
    disappointed love, broken heart, unrequited love (broken-hearted person)
  31. 頑固(な) [がんこ]
  32. おじゃん (n)
    coming to an end
  33. 万能(の、な) [ばんおう]
    almighty, utility, all purpose omnipotent,
  34. 保護(する) [ほご]
    care, protection, safeguard
  35. 役不足 (な) [やくぶそく]
    dissatisfaction with the work one is given, feeling oneself is above the given work/role
  36. さぼる
    to play hookie, skip school, be idle
  37. 貴職 (きしょく)[貴職悪い言い方]
    you (very formal, used in business & government) [sarcastically used to mean pretentious]
  38. 上出来(な)
    good performance (like when faking something
  39. 奪われる(うばわれる)[奪う]
    to be snatched up, snatched away (passive) [dictionary form]
  40. 回復(かいふく)
    recovery (from illness), improvement, rehabilitation
  41. 兎も有れ (ともあれ)
    anyhow, in any case
  42. 恐らく(おそらく)
    I dare say that, perhaps, likely
  43. 覚悟(かくご)[する]
    resolution, resignation, readiness, preparedness [to be resound, resolute]
  44. 魂(たましい)
    soul, spirit (literal I think)
  45. 親しい(したしい)
    intimate, close (as in close friends)
  46. 碌に(ろくに)
    sufficient, well enough (used like: done something enough to say that it is one way; e.g. [if with negative] haven't talked to some one enough to say they are a friend)
  47. 親友(しんゆう)
    close friend, chum, buddy
  48. 近所(きんじょ)
  49. 取り込む
    to take in, capture (an image)
  50. 女漁り(おんなあさり)[する]
    picking up girls, hunting for girls, lit: rummaging for girls
  51. たらす(たらし)
    to deceive, seduce (a seducer, big flirt)
  52. 当たって砕けろ(あたってくだけろ)
    "Go all or nothing!", "Take a chance!", "Go for broke!", "Nothing ventured, nothing Gained!"
  53. まぐれ当たり
    a chance hit, lucky shot (fluke/chance + hit/success)
  54. ~の代行をする
    To stand in for ~, substitute for ~, surrogate ~, representative ~
  55. 決め付ける (きめつける)
    to ignore someone's position and arbitrarily make a decision
  56. ばっちり見た
    saw it perfectly/properly/right on the mark
  57. あくまで仮定の話 (かていのはなし)
    a hypothetical discussion from way out in left field
  58. 条件があるぞ (じょうけん)
    I have terms, These are my terms
  59. 向き合う
    to be opposite, face each other
  60. 明確な基準 (けいかくなきじゅん)
    exactly/precise criterion/standard/basis
  61. 悩む (なやむ)
    to be worried, troubled
  62. 半濁音(はんだくおん)
    semi-voiced (p-sound)
  63. 独立(どくりつ)
    independence, self-supporting
  64. 感覚(かんかく)
    sense, feeling, intuition
  65. 印 (しるし)
    mark, symbol
  66. 重んじる(おもんじる)
    to respect, honor, prize
  67. 断定 (だんてい)
    conclusion, decision
  68. 避ける (さける)
    to avoid (a situation, contact), ward off, avoid
  69. 相手に配慮する(あいてに はいりょ する)
    have consideration, concern, forethought for another
  70. 精神(せいしん)
    mind, soul, heart, spirit, intention
  71. 決心(けっしん)
    determination, resolution, resolve (decision + heart)
  72. 常連 (じょうれん)
    regular customer
  73. 居た堪れない (いたたまれない)
    can't stay on, feel like running away (e.g. when one looks like an idiot or can't handle the situation)
  74. ~にもほどがある
    couldn't be more ~
  75. 閑散 (かんさん)
    leisure, quiet, inactivity, dull
  76. 漫才師 (まんざいし)
    a comedic duo
  77. 凹む (へこむ)
    to be dented, cave in, collapse, feel down, depressed, be forced to yield
  78. 保つ (たもつ)
    to keep, preserve (something a certain way), maintain, keep well (food, body?), wear well
  79. 愚かなもの
    foolish, stupid (person/thing)
  80. 根本的 (こんぽんてき)
    fundamental, basic, (lit: referring to the source. I think it has to do with one's being or existence. Like, who/what someone REALLY is, came from, or is made of.)
  81. それ以前に。。。(それいぜんに)
    "More importantly..." (lit: before that/considering that)
  82. 根本は、変わるもんなんだろうか? (こんぽん、かわる)
    "Are the fundamentals (of someone's existence?) something that can be changed?"
  83. ~を追いかける (おいかける) [辞書:追う-おう]
    to run/chase after, pursue ~ [dict: to chase]
  84. 現す (あらわす)
    to show, reveal (e.g. one's true nature), display, express
  85. ~日より (びより)
    great day for ~
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