year1 Mod 1 Safety

  1. WHMIS definition
    Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
  2. Main elements of WHIMIS?
    • - worker education
    • - labels
    • - material safety data sheets
  3. MSDS

    Compressed Gas
    Class A
  4. MSDS

    Flammable and Combustible Materials
    Class B
  5. MSDS

    Class C
    Oxidizing Matirials
  6. MSDS

    Class D-- Div 1
    Poisonous and infectuous matierlas immediate toxic effects
  7. MSDS

    Class D -- Div 2
    Poisonous and Infectious matierials-- other toxic effects
  8. MSDS

    Class D -- Div 3
    Poisonous and Infectious Materials -- biohazardous infectious matierlas
  9. MSDS

    Corrosive Meterial
    Class E
  10. MSDS

    Class F
    Dangerously Reactive Material
  11. Safe working load of scaffold
  12. The base of an inclined ladder shall be no further away from the base of a wall than:
    1/4 the vertical height
  13. MSDS must be reviewed how often?
    every three years
  14. Wood and Paper Fire
    Class A
  15. Flammable Liquids Fire
    Class B
  16. Electrical Fire
    Class C
  17. Combustible Metals
    Class D
  18. What is the maximum amount of time one should be exposed to a noise level of 80 decibels?
    16 hours
  19. With respect to adequate ventilation, as a guide a minimum of ___cubic metres of air per minute per steamfitter in a room.
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