Day 31

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  1. accompany
    v. escort, companion, attend          동반하다

    Jinny volunteered to accompany her mother.
  2. adverse
    adj. negative, not favorable, opposed  부정적인, 적대적인

    President Bush's speech received an adverse reaction from most European leaders.
  3. appeal
    n. 1. entreaty, request, petition      탄원, 청원

    n. 2. attraction, charm, fascination      매력
  4. arouse
    v. stimulate, awaken, provoke, incite  자극하다, 유발시키다

    The strange sight aroused Watson's curiosity.
  5. boundary
    n. dividing line, border, limit.       경계(선)
  6. bury
    v. cover, hide, conceal, veil          가리다, 묻다
  7. collective
    adj. accumulated, assembled     집합된, 축적된

    By using our collective power as voters and consumers, we can reduce pollution.
  8. confine
    v. limit, cramp, restrict               제한하다, 국한 시키다

    Charles, a very tall man, felt confined in his friend's compact car.
  9. cumbersome
    adj. burdensome, awkward, bulky, clumsy  성가신, 다루기 힘든, 크고 무거운

    Although the machine looks cumbersome, it is actually easy to use.
  10. dispensable
    adj. unnecessary, needless, nonessential 없어도 되는, 불필요한

    The editor removed information he considered dispensable from the article.
  11. distribution
    n. dispersion, apportionment, allocation, allotment                           분배

    Food distribution efforts prevented a massive hunger crisis in afghanistan.
  12. eat
    v. consume, devour, ingest, take in   먹다
  13. entirely
    adv. wholly, totally, thoroughly, utterly  완전히
  14. equal
    adj. equivalent, tantamount           동등한
  15. evaluate
    v. judge, assess, gauge, appraise    평가하다
  16. false
    adj. erroneous, wrong, incorrect      잘못된
  17. focal point
    phr. central area, focus            중심(지)
  18. gallant
    adj. brave, valiant, daring, valorous   용감한,용맹한

    Although his opponent was clearly stronger, the boxer made a gallant effort to win the match.
  19. hence
    adv. consequently, therefore, thus  이런 이유로, 그러므로

    The eggs were freshly laid, and hence satisfactory to Cosmo's epicurean tastes.
  20. integral
    adj. essential, crucial, indispensable   필수적인

    With its syncopations, ragtime played an integral part in the jazz legacy.
  21. lay down
    phr. establish, ordain     (규칙, 원칙등을) 정하다

    The teacher laid down the rules of her classroom on the first day of school.
  22. launch
    v. begin, initiate, commence      착수하다
  23. magnify
    v. amplify, intensity, enlarge, increase  확대하다, 증대하다
  24. match
    v. qeual, peer, mate            필적하다
  25. more or less
    phr. fairly, approximately, roughly   어느정도, 다소
  26. nature
    n. tendency, characteristic, attribute, character                    특징, 성향
  27. operative
    adj. effective, efficient, effectual     효과적인
  28. pragmatic
    adj. practical                  실용적인

    Very few politicians take a pragmatic approach to politics, they usually follow party ideologies.
  29. proliferate
    v. multiply, incease in number          증식하다, 급증하다

    Mosquitoes proliferate faster and bite more as the air becomes warmer.
  30. proven
    adj. established, verified        증명된
  31. provoke
    v. incite, irritate, vex, enrage      자극하다, 화나게 하다, 유발하다

    Betty's rude attitude provoked Sam's anger
  32. register
    v. 1. sign up, enroll             등록하다, 기록하다

    n. 2. list, catalogue             목록
  33. respectable
    adj. estimable, honorable, reputable  존경할 만한

    Webster is an eminently respectable lawyer.
  34. rig
    v. equip, furnish                 장비를 갖추다

    Jude rigged up a simple shower at the back of the cabin.
  35. sterile
    adj. barren, unproductive, fruitless    불임의, 불모의

    The loss of the rain forests led to droughts, floods, and sterile soil.
  36. sufficient
    adj. enough, adequate, ample       충분한

    The government can only prosecute if there is sufficient evidence.
  37. transparent
    adj. clear, obvious, lucid, limpid   명백한
  38. uneasy
    adj. apprehensive, unstable, disturbed, ill at ease          불안한,우려되는
  39. unpretentious
    adj. simple, humble, plain       수수한, 가식없는
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