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  1. Sentence Completions test
    • your sense of "sentence logic"
    • vocabulary
  2. How to Conquer Sentence Completions
    • Read the sentence, skipping over the blanks, to get a feel
    • Read the sentence again putting your own words into the sentence(positive or negative connotation)
    • Compare your guesses to the answer choices
    • Plug in the answer that looks best
    • If it works go with it, if not try others that make sense
  3. Sentence Completion Words that change logic
    • although and but
    • despite
    • except
    • far from
    • in spite of
    • instead of
    • nevertheless
    • unless
    • while
    • yet
  4. SAT reading attitude
    You must convince yourself that you are dying to read the passages because you are passionately interested in whatever they are about.
  5. Strategies for the Critical Reading Passages
    • Skim the questions not the answers(skip any that deal with main idea)(Mark needed line numbers)
    • As you read circle anything that is an answer to the question
    • Underline anything that is clearly the author's main idea.
    • Don't completely look for answers, get the main idea too
  6. Double Passage Strategy
    • Read the intro
    • Read the first passage
    • Do first passage questions
    • Read second passage
    • Do second passage questions
    • Do both passage questions
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