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  1. The main focus of sustainability in a company is 

    Triple bottom Line
    • People (social)
    • Profit  (economic)
    • Planet (environment)
  2. Kennametal's Triple Bottom Line Video
    • People: Increase Morale, productivity, Safety
    • Profit: Tax benefit for being green , decrease cost, increase profit, investor interest
    • Planet: decrease waste, maintenance, carbon footprint
  3. Definition of Sustainability
    Sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations 满足现在需要但不影响下一代人的资源或毁坏环境
  4. Two polarized point view of Sustainability
    • Shelter/ protect the environment
    • Use up the environment resource

    Stewardship Model fits middle
  5. Stewardship Model is
    The responsible management resources

    it focus on responsibility
  6. Proctor and Gamble took on the _________by implementing a _______
    stewardship model

    implementing a zero waste policy
  7. 3 L's  sustainability strategy plan about Smeal
    Learn, Live, lead
  8. 3 Big Issues drive Sustainability
    • Population
    • Intensity of resource use
    • Climate Change
  9. How many Earths need for world population?
    5 earth
  10. Bottom line  for Population 
    population is still growing, industries will have to provide good and service to all people
  11. Bottom Line for Intensity of Resource Uses
    Developing populations desire more, so business need to assist in supplying greater utility with less available resources
  12. Bottom Line for Climate Change
    world must address GHG emission 温室气体排放 and climate change

    • agreement to address this impacts through Incentives, regulations, and public pressure.
    • 鼓励,规章,大众压力
  13. Tragedy of the commons or freedom of the commons- an example using cows and nearby pieces of land
  14. All operated individual in their self-interest rather than thinking about land as a whole. -Example: cows and land
  15. 导致Climate change is framed by (3个)
    • Scientific
    • Political
    • Economic/Financial
  16. IPCC stand for?
    What is it?
    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

    • It is group formed by the United Nation
    • It is comprised of gov't official 
    • They often refer to their GHG(Green House Gas Level)
  17. Geothermal heating is
    corporate bases
  18. SKF as a LEED building is
    personal bases
  19. LED
    Standard light bulb
    • LED: most efficient and most expensive
    • CFL: most popular,dangerous contains Mercury
    • Standard: Highest wattage , cheapest but not last long, cost high per year
  20. Light bulb change decision For fallowing stakeholders

    • Individuals- cost vs. saving, disposal, resistance to change
    • Companies- change a business model, regulation, saving, atmosphere
    • Government- decreased resource use, regulations, providing incentive
    • Environment- decreased resources use
  21. SAS company on Sustainability Video (things SAS is doing) (LLLLRRSENDTU)
    • LED light bulbs
    • Low flow plumbing
    • LEED certified
    • Local sourcing
    • Reducing irrigation water use
    • Recycling
    • Solar farm
    • Efficient elevator
    • New green executive office build
    • Decrease employee travel
    • Thermal system
    • Using sheep instead of lawnmowers
  22. IBM structure of corporate sustainability
    • Legal and compliance (Bottom)
    • Strategic Philanthropy
    • Values based self-regulation
    • Efficiency
    • Growth platform(Top)
  23. how many percent have clearly defined approach to sustainability
  24. Sustainability is viewed important to almost half of 
    board of director memebers
  25. Megatrends大趋势 identified by Siemens Corporation- why use resources efficiently?
    • Urbanization 城市化 
    • Demographic change 人口变化
    • Climate change 气候变化
    • Globalization  全球化
  26. Brand representation is #1 for CEO to be sustainable strategy. it is now a license to operate
  27. The biggest force driving sustainability are
    Customer preference
  28. Marketing - sustainability (PSRRC)
    • Product development
    • Sales
    • Research
    • Reputation
    • Communication
  29. Big Issue is "Green washing" which occurs when
    company put "Green" label on a product without producing a sustainable product
  30. Accounting -Sustainability
    • Transition FASB to SASB (Financial to Sustainability Acct Standard Board)
    • Assrurance
    • AICPA
    • Dodd/Frank
    • GRI(Global reporting initiative)
    • Energy
    • Sustainability report
    • Compliance
  31. Big Issue is implementing "________" that takes sustainability into account along with financial reports 
    Integrated Reporting 综合报告
  32. Supply Chain- Sustainability
    • Walmart invested in Zero waste wire reels
    • 100 recyclable
    • innovative work for responsible use of resource
  33. Which of following is not one of Walmart sustainability goals?
    • reduce green house gas emissions
    • Create zero waste
    • using 100% renewable energy
    • Sell sustainable demographic change
  34. 4 Main categories and them of Walmart Supplier
    • Natural resource
    • Material energy
    • People community
    • Climate
  35. Supply Chain -sustainability
    • Product design development
    • Cradle to grave responsibility (从摇篮到坟墓)
    • Sustainable sourcing
    • material selection
    • Value Chain improvement
    • Supplier certification
    • Manufacturing
    • Distribution
    • Disposal
  36. Finance- sustainability
    • Social impact investing
    • Investor demand
    • Dow Jones sustainability index
    • Regulation
    • Carbon market
    • Energy market
    • Operation
    • Bottom line profit
    • Reputation
  37. Management- sustainability
    • Recruitment and retention
    • Training
    • Employee engagement
    • Community and social
    • person impact
    • Governance
    • Human resource
  38. Risk Management- sustainability
    • Actuaial, enterprise, real estate
    • Insurance
    • Assessment
    • Climate change
    • Reporting 
    • LEED
    • Litigation
    • NGO(non gov't org)
    • healthcare system
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