Chapter 16 Review

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  1. When time is calculated for anesthesia services, the time begins when
    preparing the patient to receive anesthesia
  2. which codes begin with the number 99 and are used to indicate anesthesia services provided during situations that make the administration of the anesthesia more difficult?
    qualifying circumstance codes
  3. concurrent modifiers are used to describe
    number of cases an anesthesiologist is directing or supervising at one time
  4. the anesthesia formula is
  5. 99100 is an example of a
    qualifying circumstance code
  6. the anesthesia status modifier that indicates the patient's condition at the time anesthsia was administered is
    physical modifier
  7. what type of nurse can administer anesthesia under the direction of an anesthesiologist?
    • CRNA
    • Nurse Anesthetist
  8. in the anesthesia section of the CPT manual, the codes are usually divided first by which of the following?
    anatomic site
  9. the society that publishes the Relative Value Guide for anesthesia services is the
    • ASA
    • Anatomic Society of Anesthesiologist
  10. what is the type of sedation that allows a procedure to be performed without pain to the patient, but the patient is not completely asleep?
    moderate (conscious) sedation
  11. The modifier "-AA" is an example of what type of modifier?
    HCPCS modifiers
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