Final Exam: Gnetophytes

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  1. Ephedra

    resembles Equisetum because the leaves are tiny and barely visible and the stems themselves are bare

    has xylem vessels

  2. Location of Ephedra
    only gnetophyte native to the US

    dry, warm climates
  3. Ephedra unisexual or bisexual?

    male and female are on the separate plant

    plants look alike; but reproductive structures look different from one another singular seeds that are brightly colored
  4. Ephedra

    adaptations and uses
    source of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine

    can be located in asthma medications, nose drops, and diet pills
  5. Gnetum structure
    can be tree, vine, or shrub

    broad leaves in common
  6. Gnetum location
    tropical areas
  7. Gnetum

    unisexual/ bisexual
    produces male and female cones, but the male is functional

    the female is reduced seeds are borne individually
  8. Uses
    youngleaves orseeds are eaten

    people who live in tropical areas
  9. Welwitschia mirabilis
    grow slowly

    broad at the top and narrow downward to form the taproot that allows moisture to be taken into the plant; looks rough

    Two leaves; may be torn and appear like many leaves
  10. Welwitschia mirabilis
    desert environments (western Africa); plants get moisture from coastal mists
  11. Location for Wel
    desert environments (western Africa); plants get moisture from coastal mists
  12. Welwitschia mirabilis
    has separate male and female plants

    reproductive structures produced where the base meets the stem (strobili arise here)

    reproductive structures look similar, but smaller in male and femalehas primary and secondary cones (which look like scales)

    secondary cones are reduced and don’t resemble cones at allcan have clusters of primary cones
  13. Welwitschia special fact
    one species
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