SAT words week 5

  1. Brevity
    the quality or state of being brief in duration
  2. Expedient
    appropriate to a purpose, convenient speedy
  3. Transient
    passing quickly in time or space
  4. Augment
    to make greater, as in size, extent, or quantity, to supplement
  5. Bolster
    to hearten, support or prop up
  6. Burgeon
    to grow and flourish
  7. Copious
    plentiful, having a large quantity
  8. Distend
    to swell out or expand from internal pressure, as when overly full
  9. Grandiose
    great in scope or intent, grand
  10. Prodigious
  11. Profundity
    great depth of intellect, feeling, or meaning
  12. Redouble
    to make twice as great, to double
  13. Scintillating
  14. Averse
    strongly disinclined
  15. Conspicuous
    easy to notice, obvious
  16. Demure
    modest and reserved
  17. Diffidence
    timidity or shyness
  18. Docile
    submissive to instruction, willing to be taught
  19. Innocuous
    having no adverse effect, harmless
  20. Placid
    calm or quiet, undisturbed
  21. Quiescent
    quiet, still,or at rest, inactive
  22. Concord
  23. Concur
    to agree
  24. Dogmatic
    stubbornly attached to insufficiently proven beliefs
  25. Fastidious
    carefully attentive to detail, difficult to please
  26. Intransigence
    refusal to moderate a position or to compromise
  27. Jocular
    characterized by or given to joking
  28. Meticulous
    extremely careful and precise
  29. Affable
    easy-going, friendly
  30. Alacrity
    promptness in response, cheerful readiness, eagerness
  31. Amiable
    friendly, agreeable, good-natured
  32. Benign
    kind and gentle
  33. Sanguine
    cheerfully confident, optimistic
  34. Belligerent
    eager to fight, hostile or aggressive
  35. Byzantine
    extremely complicated or devious
  36. Cantankerous
    ill-tempered and quarrelsome, disagreeable
  37. Contentious
  38. Deleterious
    having a harmful effect
  39. Exacerbate
    to increase the severity, violence, or bitterness of, aggravate
  40. Flippant
    disrespectfully humorous or casual
  41. Insolent
    insulting in manner or speech
  42. Nefarious
    flagrantly wicked, vicious
  43. Pernicious
    extremely or irrevocably harmful, deadly
  44. Rancorous
    marked by bitter, deep-seated ill-will
  45. Repugnant
    arousing disgust or aversion, offensive or repulsive
  46. Tawdry
    gaudy and cheap
  47. Arboreal
    relating to or resembling a tree or trees
  48. Invocation
    a call (usually upon a higher power) for assistance, support, or inspiration
  49. Stratify
    to layer or seperate into layers
  50. Variegated
    having streaks, marks, or patches of a different color or colors, varicolored
  51. Verdant
    green with vegetation
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SAT words week 5
SAT words week 5