Diagnosis Chapter 14

  1. Antipsychiatry
    ·  A set of views that psychiatry is harmful

    ·  Disorders that are vague - defined by symptoms with little understanding of the biology

    ·   Treatments that have limited effectiveness and high potential for side effects

    ·  Involuntary treatment - does not exist in medicine outside of psychiatry
  2. Problems with diagnosis:

    · Set of negative beliefs that a group of people share

    · Employment discrimination

    · Barred from many jobs

    · Prevents people from seeking treatment

    · Reproductive or legal rights may be limited
  3. Problems with diagnosis:

    Political abuse
    · Defining who is rational and who is not lends itself to political abuse

    • · Every developed country has history of political dissidents and political opponents
    • being declared "insane" or "mentally incompetent" to discredit them

    · State was allowed to imprison people against their will
  4. Problems with diagnosis:

    Contaminated by culture
    · Dependent on cultural definitions of normal and abnormal behavior
  5. Benefits of psychiatric diagnosis
    Helps determine when someone needs treatment and helps determine what that treatment is

    Helps guide the legal system - when someone is in control of their actions and when they are not

    Helps guide the economy of treatment - insurance coverage

    Helps guide training of treatment professionals, so their "scope" of practice is defined and they can systematically develop competencies
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