Cognitive models

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  1. What is the difference between bottom-up and top-down processing?
    • bottom up processing perceives new information from the environment
    • top down processing uses old information to interpret environmental stimuli
  2. How is information processed?
    through sensory memory to short term or working memory and eventually to long term memory
  3. What is the neural network theory?
    it receives input data that is either excited or inhibited in the hidden unit and either fed back to the input unit or fed forward to the output unit depending on how much the brain weighs (puts importance to) the input information
  4. What is the echoic store?
    storing auditory information briefly in the short term memory bank
  5. What is the connectionistic model?
    knowledge distributed and damage resistant, accessible by content (memory and processing are one of the same)
  6. What are the neurological disorders?
    • dyslexia (visual, phonological, and semantic) inability to properly perform certain functions
    • agnosia (prosopagnosia and motion agnosia) loss of function
    • aphasia (inability to correctly address information to others; meaning to say one thing but saying another)
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