Minerals Part 2

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  1. Mineral toxic to the liver
  2. Sodium Function
    • muscle and nerve function
    • fluid balance
    • regulation of BP
  3. Sodium Sources
    processed foods, cheese, smoked meats, condiments, canned: vegs, soup, cold cuts, snack foods
  4. Sodium deficiency
    • cramping, muscle weakness
    • hyponatremia
  5. hyopnatremia
    acute sodium deficiency
  6. Sodium DV
    2,300 mg
  7. Sodium RDA
  8. Sodium toxicity
    aggravates HTN, water retention
  9. Phosphorus Function
    • ATP production
    • formation of bones and teeth
  10. Phosphorus Sources
    high protein: dairy, meats/poultry, fish, legumes, caramel coloring
  11. phosphorus deficiency
    • weak bones/teeth
    • energy production problems
  12. Phosphorus toxicity
    • kidney problems
    • calcium deficits (increased risk for osteoporosis)
  13. Magnesium Function
    • heart rate
    • nerve function
    • muscle contraction
  14. Magnesium Sources
    nuts, leafy greens, peanuts, some meat, avocado, soy fortified cereals
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