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  1. Band
    A relatively small and loosely organized kin-ordered group that inhabits a specific territory and that may split periodically into smaller extended family groups that are politically independent
  2. Caste
    A closed social class in which membership is determined by birth and fixed for life
  3. clan
    Extended unilineal kinship group often consisting of several lineages whose members claim common descent from a remote ancestor, usually historical or fictional
  4. Conjugal Family
    A family established through marriage
  5. corpolite
    human shit that is preserved
  6. Cross Cousin
    Child of a mothers brother or fathers sister
  7. descent group
    Any kinship group with a membership lineally descending from a real historical or fictional common ancestor
  8. endogamy
    marriage within a particular group or category of individuals
  9. ethnocentrism
    the belief that ones own culture is the only proper one
  10. exogamy
    marriage outside of the group
  11. extended family
    several closely related nuclear families clustered together into a larger domestic group
  12. family
    Two or more people related by blood, marriage, or adoption. The family may take many forms ranging from a single parent with one or more children, to a married couple or polygamous spouses with offspring, to several generations of parents and their children
  13. fission
    the splitting of a descent group into two or more new descent groups
  14. gender
    the cultural elaborations and meanings assigned to the biological differentiation of sexes
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