Bio Final: Angiosperms(4)

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  1. What are theparts of the stamen?


  2. __is the microsporangium.

    What's produced inside are the __, which go into the __. 

    How many cells? Explain.
    pollen sac


    pollen grain

    two cells; can't reduce anymore

    generative turns into sperm

    tube cell that develops into pollen tube
  3. Pollen isgoing to end up where?

    What isthere not much of?
    on the stigma

    not much cytoplasm
  4. Explain the ovules.
    has integuments, megasporangium, megasporocyte, which divides by meiosis to form four megaspores, three of which will disintegrate.
  5. Female gametophyte has very different structure.
    nucleus of the megaspore begins to divide

    functional megaspore is haploid; nucleus divides by mitosis (no cytokinesis) so it continues to divide until there are eight haploid nuclei

    a cell wall eventually forms around each cell until there are sevel cells only (really greatly reduced amount of cells)
  6. Continuewith the female gametophyte.
    three cells (antipodals) may be all that's left of the female gametophyte

    no archegonium in the place where the synergids are (suggestion: synergids are what's left of the archegonium)
  7. What happens as the ovule is developing?
    what happens is that what comes in is a pollen tube that will digest through the megasporangium
  8. How many sperm are used? For what?
    both sperm are used; its a process unique to them; double fertilization

    one fuses with egg;the otherfuses with the two nuclei that are polar to form a 3n structure that becomes the primary endosperm, whcih is triploid, and will develop into the stored food
  9. Origin of stored food differs from pine tremendously. How.
    not a female gametophyte that forms at all
  10. Pollen tube gorws into ovule taht, if you're talking about an ovary with 100 seeds, what happens?
    one pollen tube per ovule-->100 pollen tubes for 100 ovules
  11. Fruit: whatisit?
    an enlarged ripened ovary
  12. What does a fruit form from?
    a flower

    the only group of plants that make true fruits are the flowering plants; there are seeds inside
  13. Majority offruits are__. Explain

    cancome from simple and compound pistils

    can have seeds

    we never eat dry fruit
  14. Other type ofFruits?

    we eat these
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