vocab 7/19, 20

  1. iconoclast
    one who attacks common beliefs or institutions
  2. idiosyncratic
    peculiar to one person; highly individualized
  3. idolatrous
    excessively worshipping one object or person
  4. ignominious
    humiliating, disgracing
  5. illicit
    forbidden, not permitted
  6. immutable
    not changeable
  7. impassive
    stoic, not susceptible to suffering
  8. impecunious
  9. imperious
    commanding, domineering
  10. impertinent
    rude, insolent
  11. impervious
    impenetrable, incapable of being affected
  12. impetuous
    rash, hastily done
  13. impinge
    1. to impact, affect, make an impression 2. to encroach, infringe
  14. implacable
    incapable of being appeased or mitigated
  15. implicate
    to involve in an incriminating way, incriminate
  16. implicit
    • 1. a. something capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed
    • b. involved in the nature or essence of something though not revealed, expressed, or developed; potential
    • 2. being without doubt or reserve; unquestionable
  17. impregnable
    resistant to capture or penetration
  18. impudent
    casually rude, insolent, impertinent
  19. impute
    to ascribe, blame
  20. inane
    silly and meaningless
  21. incendiary
    1. a person who agitates 2. inflammatory, causing combustion
  22. inchoate
    unformed or formless, in a beginning stage
  23. incisive
    clear, sharp, direct
  24. incontrovertible
  25. incorrigible
    incapable of being corrected, delinquent
  26. incumbent
    1. (n.) one who holds an office 2. (adj.) obligatory
  27. indefatigable
    incapable of defeat, failure, decay
  28. indigent
    very poor, impoverished
  29. indolent
  30. indomitable
    not capable of being conquered
  31. ineffable
    unspeakable, incapable of being expressed through words
  32. inexorable
    incapable of being persuaded or placated
  33. inextricable
    hopelessly tangled or entangled
  34. ingenuous
    not devious, innocent and candid
  35. inimical
    hostile, enemylike
  36. iniquity
    wickedness or sin
  37. injunction
    an order of official warning
  38. innocuous
    harmless, inoffensive
  39. inoculate
    to introduce a microorganism, serum, or vaccine into an organism in order to increase immunity to an illness, to vaccinate
  40. insidious
    appealing but imperceptibly harmful, seductive
  41. insinuate
    to suggest indirectly or subtly
  42. insipid
    dull, boring
  43. insolent
    rude, arrogant, overbearing
  44. insular
    separated and narrow-minded; tight-knit, closed off
  45. interlocutor
    someone who participates in a dialogue or conversation
  46. interminable
    without possibility of end
  47. intimation
    an indirect suggestion
  48. intransigent
    refusing to compromise, often on an extreme opinion
  49. intrepid
    brave in the face of danger
  50. inundate
    to flood with abundance
  51. inure
    to cause someone or something to become accustomed to a situation
  52. invective
    (n.) an angry verbal attack
  53. inveterate
    stubbornly established by habit
  54. inviolable
    secure from assault
  55. irascible
    easily angered
  56. irreverence
  57. laconic
    terse in speech or writing
  58. languid
    luggish from fatigue or weakness
  59. larceny
    obtaining another's property by theft or trickery
  60. largess
    the generous giving of lavish gifts
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