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  1. Common cold and flu
    virus infections caused by low immunity responce - vit C can lower the incidents of infectionavoid dairy products, eggs and excessive meat or soya since the foods are mucus forminghigh-energy packed with fresh fruit and veg and their juicescat's claw tea 3 times a day would boost the immunity
  2. • Cystitis
    • it's an inflammation and infection of the bladder, which causes frequent and painful urination
    • Vit A and C protect you from such infections, and vit C can be particularly helpful for clearing it up. so too can grapefruit seed extract
    • follow optimum diet, avoid sugars, drink 2 liters of water a day
  3. Water retention
    • symptoms are a bloated and puffy feeling and visible swelling, especially of the stomach, breasts, face , hands ankles and feet.
    • Is caused by:PMS, pregnancy, birth control pill, menopause - hormonal changes
    • high-salt intake
    • allergies
    • heart diseases and kidney disorders
    • certain drugs
    • diet - salt intake kept to minimumand also refined starchs 
    • drink plenty of plain water
    • diet high in potassium 
    • diet rich in EFA's
    • exercise
    • natural diuretic fluids such as: melon, citrus fruits, carrot, salad vegetables incl. tomatoes, celery, lettuce, watercress, sweet peppers and cucumber
    • infusions of dandelion, parsley, lovage, nettle or rosemary
  4. Arthritis
    • osteoarthritis - more common in old age, cartilage of the joints tears away, including pain and stiffness in weight bearring joints mainly
    • Rheumatoid arthritis - affects the whole body
    • Antioxidants, essential fatty acids and herbs such as boswellia, curcumin and certain hop extracs reduce inflammation
    • Vit B and C support endocrine system, wich cntrols calcium balance#Vit D, calcium, magnezium and boron support bone health
    • Glucosamine and MSM help to build healthy joints
    • balanced diet and avoid adrenal stimulants such as tea, coffee, sugar and refined carbohydrates
    • Drink plenty of water and herbal teas
    • check for allergies and have a hair mineral analysis done to check your mineral levels
  5. • PMT
    • occurrence of a cluster of symptoms like bloating, tiredness, irritability, depression, breast tenderness and headaches, occurring most commonly in the weak leading to the menstruation
    • 3 main causes: oestrogen dominance and and relative progesterone defficiency - corrected by natural progesterone and avoiding sources of natural oestrogen
    • Glucose intolerance - marked by the cravings for sweet foods and stimulants
    • deficiency n essential fatty acidsand vit B6, zink and Magnesium, which together create prostaglandins, which help to balance hormone levels
    • eat little and often before menstruation, folloe optimum diet advise, snack of fruit but avoid sugar, sweets and stimulants
    • ensure that you diet consist daily in 1tablespoon of cold pressed veg oilm rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  6. • Sinusitis
    • an inflammation of the sinus and nasal passages
    • often leads to sinus infection 
    • contributory factors are nasal irritants such as exhaust fumes cigarettes, smoky places, dust and pollen;
    • allergies often to diary products and wheat, which are mucus forming
    • weakened immune system
    • Vit A, C and Zink, among with other nutrients help to boost immunity. Essential fats are also needed to control inflammation
  7. Migraine
    • many causes - blood sugar drops, dehydration and allergy, stress and tension, or a critical combination
    • peaks and troughs in adrenalin and blood sugar can bring on a headache
    • ofthe optimim nutrition cures headaches, sometimes are related t allergy

    • eat little and often and avoid long periods without the food, especially if you stressed or tense.
    • drink regularly
    • avoid sugar and stimulants like tea, coffee and chocolate
  8. Asthma
    • inflammatory condition affecting lungs and respiration.
    • characterized by difficulties in exhaling and frequent coughing 
    • often as an effect of allergies, stressful events or changes in environmental conditions like weather
    • Vit A to help protect lining of the lungs,
    • vit C helps to deal with environmental toxins
    • antioxidant nutrients and essential fats are anti-inflammatory
  9. Stress
    • can have a physical symptoms such as eating disorders, fatigue, migraine, heartburn, impotence, insomnia, IBS, memory problems and muscular pain.
    • Vit D can become depleted and vit C, Zinc and Magnesium
  10. Eczema
    • scaly and itchy skin, can crack and is very sore
    • very similar to dermititis, probably also in cause.
    • very possible allergies
    • mechanism in unknown, but optimum nutrition foes help
    • vit A and C for skin strength
    • vit E and Zinc improve healing essential fats to reduce inflammation.
  11. • Psoriasis •
    • different to the eczema
    • does not respond super to diet
    • can occur if the body is toxic, prehaps when candida albicans is overgrown, or poor liver detoxyfication
    • follow a healthy diet with emphasis on low level of meat and dairy productsand plenty of seeds for their essential fats, 
    • If allergy to dairy products or wheat - best avoided
  12. Cellulite
    • it's a condition of stagnation. It's a pathological condition of the fat cells. Is always related to venous congestion and in many cases to lymph congestion.
    • Toxins accumulate in our bodies from the environment and foods. Elimination problem or poor liver and kidney function causes a build up in the body of the by product of normal metabolism and waste product
    • oestrogen is a contributor as it encourages the lying down of the fat in the body, bad diet and high sodium diet. lack of exercise Puberty, when on the pill, pregnancy, menopause.
    • Reduce meat
    • reduce fats,  sugar, salt, processed foods.
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