Day 30

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  1. accumulate
    v. collect, compile, build up, pile up, amass (서서히) 모으다, 축척하다

    Trump accumulated much of his wealth in real estate.
  2. antithesis
    n. opposite, contrary, converse      정반대

    Love is the antithesis of selfishness

    Julia Roberts is the antithesis of this actress's style.
  3. astute
    adj. clever, shrewd, canny, sharp   기만한,약삭빠른, 영악한

    Daniel's astute and well-researched presentation impressed his classmates.
  4. be up to
    phr. rest with                   ~에 달려 있다
  5. being
    n. creature                 생물

    Scientists know little about the beings living at the depths of the ocean
  6. bring about
    phr. cause, produce, make happen   초래하다

    High inflation can bring about crippling economic problems.
  7. cache
    n. hidden place                   은닉처

    Occupation soldiers failed to find the guerillas' weapons cache.
  8. celebratory
    adj. congratulatory, honoring        축하의, 축하하는
  9. close
    adj. 1. careful, minute, rigorous   면밀한

    v. 2. restrict, shut                 차단하다
  10. cognitive
    adj. mental, thinking, perceiving 정신적인, 인식의, 인지
  11. create
    v. invent, devise, produce           만들어내다, 창조하다
  12. destroy
    v. ruin, demolish, smash, maim, spoil  파괴하다, 망치다
  13. diminutive
    adj. small                  아주 작은

    Despite his diminutive stature, Diego Maradona was one of the greatest ever soccer players.
  14. endangered
    adj. jepardized, imperiled    멸종위기에 처한, 위험에 처한

    Stricter laws are needed to protect endangered species.
  15. formative
    adj. shaping, developmental   형성되는, 발달의

    Talks with the Tokyo exchange were still at a formative stage.
  16. founder
    v. fail                                실패하다, 무산되다

    Ted's plans for college foundered when he didn't receive the scholarship he had anticipated.
  17. glean
    v. gather, collect, reap                (정보와 지식들을 여기저기서 어렵게) 모으다

    The students gleaned a lot of information about sociology by listening to the professor's speech.
  18. govern
    v. 1. dominate, rule, reign           지배하다

    v. 2. regulate, monitor, control   통제하다
  19. indigenous
    adj. native, aboriginal, ingerited  토착의, 원산의

    The government regulatory agency rejected environmental complaints by indigenous groups.
  20. integrate
    v. unify, synthesize, consolidate      통합하다
  21. interval
    n. space, distance, period (시간 거리의) 간격
  22. largely
    adv. generally, mostly            대게
  23. magnificent
    adj. gorgeous, beautiful, splendid 굉장히 멋진
  24. overshadow
    v. dim, eclipse          가리다, 어둡게하다, 빛을 잃게 만들다

    The mighty oak tree overshadowed the tiny house.
  25. particular
    adj. specialized, specific, special      특별한
  26. ramification
    n. consequence, effect, result            파문, 결과

    The environmental ramifications of the road-building program had not been considered fully.
  27. rather
    adv. somewhat, fairly                     약간, 다소
  28. realm
    n. area, sphere, field, domain, province 범위, 영역

    Dr. Wright used the telescope to discover many undiscovered realms of space.
  29. rivalry
    n. competition, contention, contest 경쟁(의식)

    The intense rivalry between the two teams made the game exciting.
  30. silent
    adj. speechless, dumb, mute, taciturn  말이 없는
  31. taciturn
    adj. reticent, reserved, silent      과묵한, 뚱한

    He is taciturn  그는 과묵하다
  32. situate
    v. place, locate                위치시키다

    The VIPs situated themselves in the front row, blocking everyone else's view
  33. sphere
    n. area, field                    분야, 구

    The 20th century has seen many developments in the sphere of transportation.
  34. stealthily
    adv. silently, sneakily, secretly   은밀이, 몰래

    The robber stealthily crawled into the warehouse.
  35. superb
    adj. outstanding, excellent, magnificent  뛰어난, 훌륭한
  36. swell
    v. enlarge, expand, grow larger, increase  (크기 수량 등이) 증가하다

    California's population swelled during the Gold Rush.
  37. tender
    adj. 1. soft. delicate, mild           부드러운

    n. 2. money, payment           변상금

    Legal tender is any type of money that must be accepted by law in payment of a debt
  38. velocity
    n. speed, rapidity, celerity, pace   속도, 신속함

    Hurricanes are classified according to wind velocity, the strongest, with winds above 155 mph, being Category 5.
  39. wild
    adj. 1. uncultivated, untamed, undomesticated  야생의

    adj. 2. unruly, uncontrollable, frantic   난폭한
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