Art History 15th Century Northern Euroupe

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    1. Credited to Robert Cianpin, may be made by follower or assistant

    2. Called The Merode Triptych-there is three panels

    3. Diptych-has two panels

    4. Family who owned it was Merode

    5. Located in the Cloisters museum in New York

    6. 1425 it was made

    7. Middle panel has the Angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary Too big for the spaces (the people)

    8. The side of the man and the woman at the door were the ones that commissioned the triptych

    9. Probably a piece for the home because of it’s small size

    10. Think that the light on Mary’s dress is a star since she is known as the star

    11. Lily’s on table represent Mary’s purity

    12. Other panel is of Joseph the carpenter

    13. Joseph Making mouse traps, symbolizing
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    1. Made out of oil paint

    2. 22 inches by 25 inches

    3. Located in the National Gallery in London

    4. A receiving room where guests

    5. Mirror in the back shows the front of the room, shows the light source,reflection of the two people

    6. On the wall Jan Van Eyck wrote, “Jan Van Eyck was here”

    7. An idea that the man in the photo is Giovanni Arnolfini

    8. Shoes are removed, involved in a ritual

    9. Dog sign of fidelity

    10. One candle on chandelier, shows God’s presence

    11. People in the mirror said to be the family members of the man and woman

    12. Called the Arnolfini Portrait

    13. Fruit on the windowsill represent wealth

    14. Carpet on floor representation of wealth
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    1. The Garden of Earthly Delights

    2. Oil on wood panels

    3. 220 by 389 centimeters

    4. In Madrid, Spain

    4. Grisaille- when you paint with limited colors

    5. Would be closed, only opened on Sundays

    6. Inside was full of different colors

    7. Outer panels to depict the creation of the world on the third day of creation

    8. Figure of God on the upper left corner

    9. God holds a bible on his lap

    10. Crystal sphere held by God- view of the world

    11. Left Panel- called the joining of Adam and Eve

    12. Left Panel- Moment where God introduces Eve to Adam

    13. Left Panel- Rabbit next to Eve, represent fertility

    14. Central Panel- scenes of celebrating, committing sins

    15. Right panel- Hell Panel

    16. Made from 1503-1504
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Art History 15th Century Northern Euroupe
15th Century Northern Euroupe