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    • what is photon
    • A unit of intensity of light
  1. what is the speed of light
    186000 mph
  2. What is fiber optics?
    the branch of science and technology devoted to the transmission of radiant power through optical fibers made of transparent materials, such as glass, fused silicon, or plastic
  3. What is a fiber optic cable?
    an assembly of one or more optical fibers, strength members, buffer, and perhaps other components all within an enveloping sheath or jacket
  4. What is a lambda?
    the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet
  5. What is attenuation?
    the decrease in power of a signal, light beam, or light wave over the entire length of an optical fiber and measured in dB/Km
  6. When light travels from one medium to another, there are four possible effects that can occur. List all four below:
    • transmitted
    • refracted
    • reflected
    • absorbed
  7. Out of the four possible effects listed in previous question, what are the two that require opaque substances?
    • reflected
    • absorbed
  8. What is refraction?
    light is diffused (bent) as it passes through a substance
  9. Out of the range listed in Question 5, what are the three most common wavelengths used for optical communication?
    • 850 nm
    • 1310 nm
    • 1550 nm
  10. What is Total Internal Reflection?
    is the optimal state achieved for any optical signal that traverses a fiber optic medium
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