PH5 options Materials definitions

  1. Explain what is meant by a crystalline solid
    Solid consisting of a crystal, or of many crystals, usually arranged randomly. The latter is technically a polycrystalline solid. Metals are polycrystalline.
  2. Define crystal
    Solid in which atoms are arranged in a regular array.
  3. What is meant by an amorphous solid?
    Atoms arranged quite randomly. e.g glass or brick. No long range order. Might be clusters of ordered atoms.
  4. What is a polymeric solid?
    A solid made up of chain like molecules.
  5. Define stress
    Force per unit cross sectional area when equal opposing forces act on a body. Units: pa or Nm-¹ 
  6. Define strain
    Extension per unit length due to an applied stress.
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PH5 options Materials definitions
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