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  1. What is security?
    • Security is a very long chain of
    • processes and tools.
  2. Why do digital threats take place?
    Fast automation. e.g.salami attacks

    Action at a distance

    Technique propagation (sec must be proactive)
  3. Name 4 different types of attacks?
    Criminal attack. e.g. fraud, for max return

    Destructive attack, most damage, e.g. DoS

    Brand theft, similar to identity theft

    Itellectual property theft, e.g. music
  4. What is traffic analysis?
    The study of communication patterns (not the content of the messages e.g..time sent, length etc)
  5. What is a hacker?
    • An experimenter with limitations of a system for intellectual curiosity or
    • pleasure.
  6. Is complete anonymity possible over the internet?
  7. What is integrity?
    Anything that has been changed in data over time.

    • E.g. a system with high integrity means that
    • it can determine that the data has (or has not) been modified since it was
    • created.
  8. Explain the principle function of a firewall?
    A firewall is part of a computer system or network designed to protect a user's internal private network from unauthorised access from the internet. E.g. intranets
  9. How does a firewall work?
    Inspects network traffic passing through it. Basic task is to regulate some of the flow of traffic between computer networks of different trust levels.
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