Art History Final Exam Vocab A

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  1. Vellum
    Fine parchment made originally from the skin of a calf.
  2. St. Matthew
    • The Angelic Man
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  3. St. Mark
    • The Winged Lion
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  4. St. Luke
    • The Ox
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  5. St. John
    • The Eagle
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  6. Repousee
    Hammered metalwork into relief from the reverse side.
  7. Reliquary
    A container for holy relics.
  8. Tympanum
    A vertical recessed triangular space forming the center of a pediment, typically decorated.
  9. Basilica Plan
    The central nave is taller than the aisles, forming a row of windows called a clerestory.
  10. Nave
    The central part of a church building
  11. Apse
    A large semicircular or polygonal recess in a church, arched or with a domed roof, typically at the eastern end, and usually containing the altar.
  12. Transept
    Either of the two parts forming the arms of the cross shape, projecting at right angles from the nave.
  13. Ambulatory
    Continuation of the aisled spaces on either side of the nave.
  14. Santiago de Compostela
    The Way of St. James or St. James's Way, pilgrimage hotspot in Spain.
  15. Flying Buttress
    An arch or segment of an arch projecting from a wall and transmitting the thrust of a roof or vault outward and downward to a solid buttress or pier.
  16. Fresco
    Painting done rapidly in watercolor on wet plaster on a wall or ceiling, so that the colors penetrate the plaster and become fixed as it dries.
  17. Icon
    A religious work of art
  18. Quatrefoil
    An ornamental design of four lobes or leaves as used in architectural tracery, resembling a flower or four-leaf clover.
  19. The Black Death
    One of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people and peaking in Europe in the years 1348–50.
  20. Triptych
    A three-paneled, hinged altarpiece.
  21. Polyptych
    A hinged altarpiece with more than three panels.
  22. Atmospheric Perspective
    Objects become less vivid as they recede in space.
  23. Disguised Symbolism
    A technique used in art to give spiritual meaning to ordinary objects in a painting.
  24. Alberti's On Painting 
    Principles of linear one point perspecitve that was previously inaccessible to to common people or artists
  25. Orsanmichele
    "Kitchen Garden of St. Michael", is a church in the Italian city of Florence.
  26. Linear One-Point Perspective
    Only one vanishing point exists; lines radiate outwardly from this point, and perpendicular lines meet at this point.  One-point perspective is the same as parallel perspective.
  27. Orthoganals
    The diagonal lines that can be drawn along receding parallel lines (or rows of objects) to the vanishing point.
  28. Vanishing Point
    The point at which receding parallel lines viewed in perspective appear to converge.
  29. Terracotta
    Unglazed, typically brownish-red earthenware, used chiefly as an ornamental building material and in modeling.
  30. Palazzo
    A large building
  31. Contrapposto
    An asymmetrical arrangement of the human figure in which the line of the arms and shoulders contrasts with while balancing those of the hips and legs.
  32. Sacra conversazione
    A holy/sacred conversation. A depiction of the Virgin and Child amidst a group of saints in a relatively informal grouping.
  33. Intarsia
    A method of knitting with a number of colors, in which a separate length or ball of yarn is used for each area of color.
  34. Chiaroscuro
    An effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.
  35. Sfumato
    The technique of allowing tones and colors to shade gradually into one another, producing softened outlines or hazy forms.
  36. Villa
    A city home
  37. Reformation
    1500's felt Roman-based Church needed to be reformed (Martin Luther --> Protestants)
  38. Counter-Reformation
    The Roman Catholic Church's response, creating and displaying more religious art works.
  39. Piazza
    A public square or marketplace, especially in an Italian town.
  40. Stucco
    Fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces or molding into architectural decorations.
  41. Tenebrism
    The use of extreme contrasts of light and dark in figurative compositions to heighten their dramatic effect
  42. Impasto
    Paint applied thickly.
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