Victor Grade 7 English - A Long Walk to Water Vocabulary

  1. solemn
    Very serious or formal in manner, behavior, or expression.

    Ex: The wake was a very solemn occasion.
  2. prow
    • The front of a ship's bow above water.
    • The pointed or projecting front part of something such as a building.
  3. monotonous
    Something that is boring because it is always the same.
  4. arid
    Very dry, having little rain or water.
  5. parched
    Very thirsty, very dry because of hot weather.
  6. refugee
    Someone who has been forced to leave a country because of war or for religious or political reasons.
  7. skitter
    To move quickly and lightly along a surface.
  8. torrent
    A large amount of water that moves very quickly.
  9. earnestly
    Serious and sincere; not lighthearted or playful.
  10. droned
    To make a continuous murmuring, humming, or buzzing sound.

    • To proceed in a dull, monotonous manner.
    • Ex: The meeting droned on.
  11. halted
    To stop or end movement, progress, or action.
  12. backfired
    • To have the reverse of the desired or expected effect.
    • Ex: The plot backfired.
    • The sound a car engine or any engine makes from its rear end.
  13. sleek
    Straight and smooth in design or shape.
  14. rebel
    • Disobedient, rebellious.  
    • To oppose.
    • To fight against someone or something.
  15. gleaming
    To shine with brightness.
  16. mortar
    • A plastic building material.
    • A short muzzle-loading cannon used to fire shells at a low speed and at high angles.
    • A strong deep bowl in which substances are pounded or crushed with a pestle.
  17. sludge
    Thick, soft, wet mud.
  18. haunches
    Sitting in a squatting postion.
  19. furrow
    • A long, narrow cut in the ground made by a plow.
    • A long narrow trench that has been cut into a surface.
  20. makeshift
    A temporary substitute for something. Usually put together quickly and not very well made.
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