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  1. Draw a shape of a neuron, include: dendrites, axon, axon hillock, terminal boutons and cell body
    look up google/slides
  2. what are the types of neurons? draw them out.
    • - multipolar neuron
    • - bipolar neuron 
    • - pseudo-unipolar neurone
  3. Where are multipolar neurons found?
    throughout the motor part of the nervous sytem
  4. where are bipolar and pseudo-unipolar neurone found?
    ganglia next to the spinal cord
  5. Where are oligodendrocytes and schwann cells found?
    How are they different?
    What are their functions?
    • - CNS (o) and PNS (s)
    • - oligodendrocytes can wrap multiple neurons at once 
    • - insulation, speed up conduction (saltatory conduction), use plasma membrane (lipid) to insulate
  6. Draw a myelinated and unmylinated neuron
    Image Upload 1
  7. What are the matters of CNS and what are they made up of?
    Gray matter: largely cell bodies and unmyelinated axons

    White matter: largely myelinated axon of neurons
  8. How much does the brain weigh?
    around 1.4 kg
  9. How much neural tissue of the body does it hold?
    around c. 98%
  10. What is the volume of the brain?
    between 750-2100 cc

    (1200 is typical)
  11. What are the 4 ventricles that make up the ventricular system?
    lateral ventricle (2)

    third ventricle

    fourth ventricle
  12. What cells make up the ventricles?
    The cells of the ependyma line
  13. What is the septum pellucidum?
    thin, medial partition

    separates the 2 lateral ventricles
  14. Where is the 3rd ventricle?
    in the diencephalon
  15. What is the interventricular foramen?
    A structure that allows each lateral ventricle to communicate with 3rd ventricle
  16. what is the cerebral aqueduct? 

    what is its function?
    A slender canal in the midbrain

    Connects the 3rd ventricle to the 4th ventricle
  17. Draw out the diagram of the ventricular system
    Image Upload 2
  18. What are the ventricles filled with?
    cerebrospinal fluid.
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