Theology Section 2 Part 2

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  1. A change of heart, turning away from sin and toward God.
  2. The free and undeserved gift of God’s loving and active presence in the universe and in our lives, empowering us to respond to his call and to live as his adopted sons and daughters. Grace restores our loving communion with the Holy Trinity, lost through sin.
  3. Transcending the power of human intellect and will.
    supernatural grace
  4. The grace that heals our human nature wounded by sin and restores us to friendship with God by giving us a share in the divine life of the Trinity. It is a supernatural gift of God, infused into our souls by the Holy Spirit, that continues the work of making us holy.
    sanctifying grace
  5. God’s interventions and support for us in the everyday moments of our lives. Actual graces are important for conversion and for continuing growth in holiness.
    actual grace
  6. The gifts proper to each of the Seven Sacraments.
    sacramental graces
  7. A state of final purification or cleansing, which one may need to enter following death and before entering Heaven
  8. Latin for "let it be done"
  9. A Greek title for Mary meaning "God bearer"
  10. The dogma that recognizes that the body of the Blessed Virgin Mary was taken directly to Heaven after her life on earth had ended.
    Assumption of Mary
  11. The church is made up of two elements: _____ and _____.
    • human
    • divine
  12. The Church totally depends upon God's free gift of _____
  13. The Visible realities of the church
    • Eucharist
    • Buildings
    • pope
    • bishops
    • priests
  14. The invisible dimension of the church must be seen with the _____ of _____
    • eyes
    • faith
  15. The purpose of the Church
    Sanctify its members
  16. Christ gave the Church salvation through
    • Scriptures
    • Sacraments
    • Models of Holiness
    • Leadership of Popes and Bishops
  17. What is at the heart of holiness
  18. The church calls its members to grow in holiness by means of
    • Repentence
    • Conversion
  19. How to grow in holiness
    • Prayer
    • Read Scriptures
    • Receive Sacraments
  20. Along with the gift of grace, we are given the _____ to _____
    freedom to choose
  21. God's grace helps us fight against _____
  22. When we participate in the sacraments, we become the _____ of _____ for the world
    Body of Christ
  23. As we draw closer to _____ we draw closer to Christ
  24. The living reflection of the face of Christ
  25. Feast of the Assumption
    August 15
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