cardiac surgery

  1. aneurysm
    a bulge in an artery caused by weakening of the arterial wall. the weadening may be a congential defect or the result of atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, infection, trauma, or degenerative disease
  2. apex
    the lowe left tip of the left ventricle of the heart; also, the rounded upper portion of each lung
  3. arrhythmia
    an abnormal heartbeat; dysrhythmia
  4. arteriosclerosis
    disease of the arteries characterized by loss of elasticity and hardening of the arterial walls
  5. atherosclerosis
    a disease characterized by the buildup of cholesterol deposits in the arterial lining
  6. bradycardia
    a slow heart rate, usually HR under 60 beats per minute
  7. cardiac cycle
    the pumping action of the heart from one beat to the next
  8. cardioplegia
    intentional stopping of the heart during cardiac surgery
  9. coarctation
    a congenital narrowing of stricture in the descending thoracic aorta
  10. congenital
    a condition present at birth
  11. cross-clamp
    to place a clamp actoss a structure to occlude it
  12. diastole
    the phase of the cardiac cycle when the ventricles contract
  13. endovascular repair
    endoscopic surgery of the vascular system
  14. fibrillation
    uncoordinated muscular activity in the heart muscle, which results in 'quivering' rather than pumping action. this results in pooling of blood
  15. fusiform aneurysm
    a type of aneurysm that involves the entire circumference of a blood vessel
  16. heart lung machine
    medical device used during cardiac bypass. systemic blood is shunted out of the body via cannulae, which are implanted in the heart. the device collects the blood, removes excess carbondioxide , oxygenates it, and returns it to the body through separate cannulae
  17. infarction
    necrosis and death of tissue related to obstruction of blood flow
  18. ischemia
    reduced blood supply to tissue.
  19. mediastinum
    an enclosed cavity in the chest that contains the heart, large vessels, trachea, esophagus, and lymph nodes
  20. off-pump procedure
    a procedure performed without a cardio-pulmonary bypass
  21. pacemaker
    a device that stimulates the heart muscle to contract
  22. preclotting
    the process of soaking a graft or patch of synthetic graft material in the patients blood or plasma before insertion.
  23. saccular aneurysm
    a type of aneurysm in which a sacklike formation with a narrow neck projects from the side of the artery
  24. shunt
    to bypass a structure or carry fluid from one anatomical location to another
  25. stenosis
    narrowing of a hollow structure such as a blood vessle or duct
  26. sternotomy
    an incision made into the sternum
  27. systole
    the relaxation phase of the cardiac cycle when the ventricles are filling with blood
  28. tachycardia
    a fast heart rate; over 120 beats per minute
  29. thoracotomy
    an incision made into the thoracic cavity
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