The subjunctive to express feelings and emotions

  1. The subjunctive is used in dependent clauses after verbs and impersonal expressions that express...
    • ...emotions
    • -hope                                                   -pity
    • -fear                                                    -anger
    • -surprise                                              -joy
    • -regret                                                -sorrow
  2. Algunos verbos:
    • alegrarse (de)
    • enojar
    • esperar
    • estar contento/a (de)
    • lamentar
    • molestar
    • sentir (ie, i)
    • sorprender (se)
    • temer
    • tener miedo (de)
  3. alegrarse (de)
    to be glad
  4. enojar
    to anger
  5. esperar
    to hope
  6. estar content/a (de)
    to be happy
  7. lamentar
    to regret
  8. molestar
    to bother
  9. sentir (ie, i)
    to regret
  10. sorprender (se)
    to surprise
  11. temer
    to fear
  12. tener miedo (de)
    to be afraid
  13. Algunas expresiones impersonales:
    • es bueno/malo/mejor
    • es extraño
    • es fácil/difícil
    • es fantástico
    • es lamentable
    • es una lástima
    • es (i)lógico
    • es (im)posible
    • es ridículo
    • es sorprendente
  14. es bueno/malo/mejor
    it's good/bad/better
  15. es extraño
    it's strange
  16. es fácil/difícil
    it's easy/difficult
  17. es fantástico
    it's fantastic
  18. es lamentable
    it's regrettable
  19. es una lástima
    it's a shame
  20. es (i)lógico
    it's (il)logical
  21. es (im)posible
    it's (im)possible
  22. es ridículo
    it's ridiculous
  23. es sorprendente
    it's surprising
  24. As with the verbs of influence...
    ...verbs that express feelings and emotions require the subjunctive in the dependent clause if the subject is different from that of the main clause.
  25. If there is only one subject...
    ...the infinitive is generally used in the dependent clause.
  26. The expression Ojalá...
    ...may be used with or without que and is followed by subjunctive.
  27. Ojalá
    I hope that
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The subjunctive to express feelings and emotions
The Subjunctive to Express Feelings and Emotions