SAT words week 4

  1. Ingenuous
    lacking in cunning, guile, or worldliness
  2. Subterfuge
    a deceptive stratagem or device
  3. Surreptitious
    secretive, sneaky
  4. Dearth
    scarce supply, lack
  5. Modicum
    a small, moderate, or token amount
  6. Paucity
    smallness in number, scarcity
  7. Squander
    to spend wastefully
  8. Temperate
    moderate, restrained
  9. Tenuous
    having little substance or strength, shaky
  10. Diligent
    marked by painstaking effort, hardworking
  11. Maverick
    one who is independent and resists adherence to a group
  12. Mercenary
    motivated solely by a desire for money or material gain
  13. Obstinate
    stubbornly attached to an opinion or a course of action
  14. Proliferate
    to grow or increase rapidly
  15. Tenacity
  16. Vigilant
    on the alert, watchful
  17. Extraneous
    irrelevant, inessential
  18. Juxtapose
    to place side by side, esp for comparison or contrast
  19. Superfluous
    extra, unnecessary
  20. Synergy
    combined action or operation
  21. Tangential
    merely touching or slightly connected, only superficially relevant
  22. Aesthetic
    having to do with the appreciation of beauty
  23. Aural
    of or related to the ear or the sense of hearing
  24. Cacophony
    discordant, unpleasant noise
  25. Dirge
    a funeral hymn or lament
  26. Eclectic
    made up of a variety of sources or styles
  27. Incongruous
    lacking in harmony, incompatible
  28. Sonorous
    producing a deep or full sound
  29. Strident
    loud, harsh, grating, or shrill
  30. Debacle
    disastrous or ludicrous defeat or failure, fiasco
  31. Debilitate
    impair the strength of, weaken
  32. Tumultuous
    noisy and disorderly
  33. Anachronistic
    the representation of something as existing or happening in the wrong time period
  34. Archaic
    characteristic of an earlier time, antiquated, old
  35. Dilatory
    habitually late
  36. Ephemeral
    lasting for only a brief time
  37. Redolent
    fragrant, aromatic, suggestive
  38. Temporal
    of, relating to, or limited by time
  39. Onerous
    troublesome or oppressive, burdensome
  40. Portent
    indication of something important or calamitous about to occur, omen
  41. Prescience
    knowledge of actions or events before they occur, foreknowledge, foresight
  42. Austere
    without decoration, strict
  43. Banal
    drearily commonplace, predictable, trite
  44. Hackneyed
    worn out through overuse, trite
  45. Insipid
    uninteresting, unchallenging, lacking taste or savor
  46. Prosaic
    unimaginative, dull
  47. Soporific
    inducing or tending to induce sleep
  48. Vapid
    lacking liveliness, animation, or interest, dull
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SAT words week 4
SAT words week 4