History: Korean War Quiz

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  1. What were some causes of the Korean War?
    • 38th parallel
    • The communist government in the North
    • The Republic in the South
    • UN Security Council passed resolution calling on UN Members to come to the aid of South Korea
  2. Who set up the communist government in the North?
    Kim il Sung
  3. Who headed the unstable Republic in the South?
    Syngman Rhee
  4. Who occupied the North?
    Soviet Forces
  5. Who occupied the South?
    U.S. troops
  6. Who passed resolution calling on UN members to come to the aid of South Kooera?
    • UN Security CouncilĀ 
    • (minus USSR and China)
  7. Who invades South Korea on June 25, 1950?
    North Korean Troops
  8. Who pledges their support for South Korea on June 27th, 1950?
    President Truman
  9. Who takes our troops to action against North Korea under President Truman's order?
    General MacArthur
  10. What forces are pushed back to Busan?
    U.S. and South Korean
  11. On September 15, 1950 where did the North Koreans get pushed back to? What war was it?
    • Back across 39th Parallel to the Yalu River (boundary with China)
    • Battle of Incheon
  12. How did the UN troops help South Korea against North Korea?
    By air attacking from the south and taking thousands hostage
  13. Why does China enter the war on the North Korean side?
    They fear the U.S.
  14. What happens when China joins the war?
    UN troops get pushed back and it results in a bitter stalemate
  15. What is a stalemate?
    When neither side of the war is winning nor losing.
  16. What is the NSC-68?
    A National Security Report that outlined a shift in the American position
  17. What did the NSC-68 do?
    • It made some distinctions between areas of vital interest and areas of lesser importance
    • Called on the U.S. to share the burden with allies
  18. What does the NSC-68 want the U.S. to do?
    • Move to stop communist expansion wherever it occurred
    • Call for a major expansion of American military power with a defense budget almost four times the previously projected figure
  19. What was the Truman/MacArthur Controversy?
    • MacArthur called for an expansion of the war which proposed blockade of China's coast and bombing of Chinese mainland; could bring victory in Korea and overthrow Chinese communist; and could also caused WWIII
    • MacArthur criticized Truman publicly when when he opposed the plan and Truman fired him
  20. What was signed on July 27th, 1953?
    The Armistice
  21. What did the signing of the armistice do?
    Divide Korea at the 38th Parallel
  22. How Many Americans died/were wounded
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