ch 10 part two

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  1. ___ teens are more prone to suicide
  2. the highest teen suicide rate is displayed by __
    American Indians
  3. in western society the ____ are more likely to commit suicide that people in most other age groups
    the elderly
  4. ____ persons are typically more determined than ____ persons in their decision to die and give fewer ____. ____ elderly persons who attempt suicide succeeds
    elderly; younger; warning; 1/4
  5. rate of suicide among elderly ____ is relatively low
  6. treatment of suicidal people falls into two major categories
    treatment ___ suicide has been attempted and suicide ____
    after; prevention
  7. once the ___ damage of suicide has been taken care of, then psychotherapy or ___ therapy may begin
    physical; drug
  8. therapists may try to guide clients to become ____ of the painful thoughts and feelings and to ___ many such thoughts and feelings rather than try to ___ them
    aware; accept; eliminate
  9. a key problem in suicidal patients is that they do not necessarily admit or ___ about their feelings in discussions with others or even with ___
    talk; professionals
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