Gerontologic nursing

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  1. What is the age range for "elderly"
  2. How many older adults are in institutional settings?
  3. Which memory suffers the most change?
    short term
  4. Confusion can occur as a result of...
    Lack of stimulation and/ or overload of change
  5. What is the difference in s/s when it comes to older adults?
    Classic s/s don't always present in diseeases
  6. age range for frail elderly
  7. What is important about teaching and designing rehab programs?
    that the program includes exercise and nutrition
  8. Why do older adults have trouble sleeping?
    They have shorter sleep cycles causing them to awaken with minimal stimuli
  9. What are some age-related changes in the CV system?
    Decreased HR, cardiac output, vessel elasticity and stroke vol. Increased BP, murmurs and dysrhythmias
  10. What to teach...
    • Avoid fatigue
    • change positions slowly
    • take apical and radial pulses
    • avoid extreme heat and cold because of decreased periph sensations
    • avoid sitting w/ feet in dependent position
  11. Angina symptoms may be ____ or they may be ____ with GI symptoms
    Absent; confused
  12. Normal cardiac nursing assessment...
    Diuresis after lying down, confusion & personality changes from O2 deficit
  13. What is considered an emergency with an older adult that may not be to someone younger?
    Resp infection &/ or Pneumonia
  14. Hypoxia can manifest as...
  15. vent assistive devices _____  _____ to older adults.
    pose hazards
  16. Normal GI assessment...
    • Decreased appetite
    • Decreased peristalsis
    • Constipation
    • Decreased Ca+ absorption
    • Decreased drug metabolism
  17. What are not normal aging processes?
    • Tooth loss
    • Pain
    • Incontinence
    • Sexual dysfunction
  18. First sign of loss of renal integrity in older adult?
    Decreased urine output
  19. Symptoms of DM in older adult?
    fatigue, infection, and sensory changes caused by neuropathy
  20. Why should caffeine and alcohol be avoided?
    They promote diuresis
  21. Which meds are important in regards to the kidneys and why?
    • Penicillin
    • Tetracycline
    • Digoxin

    Excreted mainly by kidneys so may be more potent if they cannot be excreted
  22. What to know about male reproductive system...
    Testicles shrink and digital exam should be done annually to monitor for prostate cancer
  23. What are the main Neuro disorders?
    • Alzheimer's
    • CVA
    • Parkinson
  24. Neurologic loss...
    is permanent because neurons do nor regenerate
  25. TIAs are manifested by...
    • Weakness
    • Difficulty speaking
    • Blackouts
  26. When do clots tend to develop?
    When pt is awake or just arising
  27. Most common endocrine problems..
    DM and thyroid dysfunction
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