Quiz 2

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  1. PAR
    participating provider
  2. UCR
    usual, customary, and reasonable
  3. CAC
    computer assisted coding
  4. RVS
    relative value scale
  5. DME
    durable medical equipment
  6. HIPAA
    health insurance portability and accountability act
  7. NPI
    national provider identifier
  8. ICD-9
    International classification of disease - 9th revision
  9. E/M
    evaluation and management
  10. RVU
    relative value unit
  11. TC
    technical component
  12. COB
    coordination of benefits
  13. nonPAR
    non-participating provider
  14. EP
    established patient
  15. NEC
    not elsewhere classified
  16. NOS
    not otherwise specified
  17. NP
    new patient
  18. CPT
    current procedural terminology
  19. CC
    chief complaint
  20. PC
    professional component
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