AP Lang vocab "Sittin' on the Fence"-"If you can't say anything Nice"

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  1. ambiguous
    open to more than one interpretation
  2. ambivalent
    simultaneously having opposing feelings; uncertain
  3. apathetic
    feeling or showing little emotion
  4. arbitrary
    determined by impulse rather than reason
  5. capricious
    impulsive and unpredictable
  6. equivocate
    to avoid making a definite statement
  7. indifferent
    not caring one way or the other
  8. spontaneous
    unplanned; naturally occurring
  9. whimsical
    subject to erratic behavior; unpredictable
  10. inconsequential
  11. superficial
    • concerned with what is on the surface or obvious;
    • shallow
  12. tenuous
    • having little substance or strength
    • shaky, unsure, weak
  13. trivial
    of little importance or significance
  14. assiduous
  15. compelling
    forceful; urgently demanding attention
  16. diligent
    • marked by painstaking effort
    • hard-working
  17. dogged
    stubbornly persevering
  18. endure
    to put up with; to survive a hardship
  19. intrepid
    • courageous
    • fearless
  20. maverick
    one who is independent and resists adherence to a group
  21. obdurate
    • stubborn
    • inflexible
  22. obstinate
    stubbornly adhering to an opinion or a course of action
  23. proliferate
    to grow or increase rapidly
  24. tenacity
  25. vitality
    • energy
    • power to survive
  26. assimilation
    • to absorb
    • to make similar
  27. consensus
    general agreement
  28. context
    • circumstances of a situation
    • environment
  29. derived
    copied or adapted froma source
  30. incumbent
    • imposed as a duty
    • obligatory
  31. inevitable
    certain to happen, unavoidable
  32. malleable
    • easily shaped or formed
    • easily influenced
  33. subdue
    • to restrain
    • to hold back
  34. acquired
    developed or learned; not naturally occurring
  35. conception
    the ability to form or understand an idea
  36. conviction
    a fixed or strong belief
  37. dogmatic
    stubbornly adhering to unproved beliefs
  38. enlightening
    • informative
    • contributing to one's awareness
  39. impression
    a feeling or understanding resulting from an experience
  40. intuition
    • the power of knowing things w/o thinking
    • sharp insight
  41. misconception
    an incorrect understanding or interpretation
  42. perception
    awareness; insight
  43. perspective
    point of view
  44. profound
    having great depth or seriousness
  45. inherent
    • inborn
    • built-in
  46. innate
    possessed from birth; inborn
  47. inveterate
    • long established
    • deep rooted
    • habitual
  48. omnipotent
  49. proximity
  50. elusive
    • difficult to capture
    • as in something actually fleeting
  51. emigrate
    to leave one country or region and settle in another
  52. transient
    • passing away with time
    • passing from one place to another
  53. transitory
    • short-lived
    • temporary
  54. affable
    • easy-going
    • friendly
  55. amenable
    • responsive
    • agreeable
  56. camaraderie
    good will between friends
  57. cordial
    • friendly
    • sincere
  58. facetious
    playfully humorous
  59. aesthetic
    having to do with the appreciation of beauty
  60. anthology
    a collection of literary pieces
  61. contemporary
    • current/modern
    • from same time
  62. dilettante
    one with an amateurish or superficial understanding of a field of knowledge
  63. eclectic
    made up of a variety of sources or styles
  64. excerpt
    a selected part of a passage or scene
  65. genre
    describing a category or artistic endeavor
  66. medley
    • an assortment or a mixture
    • especially of musical pieces
  67. mural
    a large painting applied directly to a wall or ceiling surface
  68. narrative
    • adj: characterized by the telling of a story
    • n: a story
  69. parody
    an artistic work that imitates the style of another work for comic effect
  70. realism
    artistic representation that aims for visual accuracy
  71. virtuoso
    a tremendously skilled artist
  72. decorous
    • proper
    • marked by good taste
  73. equanimity
    • the quality of being calm and even-tempered
    • composure
  74. modest
    quiet or humble in manner or appearance
  75. propriety
    appropriateness of behavior
  76. prudent
    exercising good judgement or common sense
  77. serene
  78. staid
    • unemotional
    • serious
  79. stoic
    • indifferent to pleasure or pain
    • impassive
  80. condemn
    • to express strong disapproval of
    • denounce
  81. discredit
    to cause to be doubted
  82. disparage
    • to speak of in a slighting way or negatively
    • to belittle
  83. pejorative
    describing words or phrases that belittle or speak negatively of someone
  84. plagiarism
    the act of passing off the ideas or writing of another as one's own
  85. vilify
    to make vicious statements about
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