1. Packing in throat to prevent teeth from being swallowed; Used as vaginal packing. Frequently coated with monistat
    vag/ throat pack
  2. Protects eye after surgery until stitches are removed.
    fox shield
  3. balloon tipped cath used to remove stones from common bile and hepatic ducts
    fogarty biliary catheter
  4. inserted to provide long term antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy, hyperalimentation, administration of parenteral fluids; also provides access for drawing blood.
    venous catheter
  5. cath threaded into an artery and advanced beyond a clot; balloon inflated with tb syringe and withdrawn; balloon removed the clot from the artery
    fogarty arterial embolectomy cath
  6. cath inserted thru rib space in chest cavity to restore negative pressure to pleural sac and remove fluid or air.
    chest tube
  7. water sealed drainage system; maintains neg pressure in chest cavity
    drain/chest tube
  8. tube inserted in pts trachea for administration of anesthetic gas
    endotracheal tube
  9. graft used in cv bypass surgery/ av graft surgery
    gortex graft
  10. naso gastric tube; used to drain stomach contents
    salem sump/ng tube
  11. tube used to create temp or perm opening in trachea to allow air to enter bronchi and lungs or for removal of bronchial secretions.
    tracheostomy tube
  12. used during instillation of spinal anestesia
    spinal needle
  13. used during endoscopic procedure to biopsy specimen
    endo biopsy forcep
  14. small square of teflon cloth used as buttresses over the suture line to block bleeding that may occur thru needle holes in vessel anastamosis
  15. used most commonly on tonsil procedures; do not throw away insert because it is needed to unclog suction.
    suction bovie
  16. collagen wound dressing
  17. retract vessel
    vessel loops
  18. scrapes endometrial tissue- the "c" in d&c
    uterine currettes
  19. Retracts posterior vaginal wall; self retracting
    auvard weighted speculum
  20. measures depth of intrauterine cavity to prevent perforation during d&c
    uterine sound
  21. used to view vaginal canal and cervix; self retaining.
    duckbill speculum
  22. used to dilate uterine cervix
  23. handheld retractor used during c section to retract bladder
  24. hand held vaginal retractor
  25. used to retract muscles of the eye
    graefe muscle hook
  26. most common pickup used in eye surgery
    .12 pickups
  27. fine pickups used to tie suture
    tying forcep
  28. micro dissecting scissors
    westcott scissors
  29. micro suture scissors
    vannas scissors
  30. self retaining eye retractor
    barraguer wire speculum/cook eye speculum
  31. used to gauge depth and direction of sinus or cavity
    lacrimal probe
  32. used to view external auditory canal and tympanic membrane
    boucheron ear speculum
  33. used to view nasal passages; also a pedi vaginal/rectal speculum.
    cottle nasal speculum
  34. diff sizes; adenoidectomy
    barnhill adenoid currette
  35. self retaining retractor for mouth
    jennings mouth gag
  36. hand held retractor for tounge
    weider tongue depressor
  37. used to grasp septum during nasal or plastic surgery
    jansen-middleton septum forceps
  38. add wire to end; used to snare and cut tonsils
    tonsil snare
  39. used to scrape and remove periosteum from bone in prep for incision on bone.
    joseph elevator
  40. eyelid retractor
  41. used to dissect and retract during a tonsil procedure
  42. non crushing vascular clamp
  43. most commonly used non crushing vascular clamp in peripheral vascular procedures
    angled peripheral vascular clamp
  44. comes in straight and angled; non crushing vascular clamp in; used during open heart procedures.
    curved glover clamp
  45. used on fine tissue; cv neuro pedi; available with and without teeth.
    cushing forceps
  46. fine tipped; used in cv and neuro; needle holder
    ryder needle holder
  47. used in cv, plastic and eye procedures
    castro viejo needle holder
  48. used to enlarge a stab incision into a vessel
    potts scissors
  49. used to grasp lung tissue
    duvall lung clamp
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