business 1200 test 3

  1. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 states that it is an offense to:
    bribe foreign officials
  2. A good test to know if a manager’s decision is ethical is
    If the decision follows normal standards and the manager personally communicates the decision to stakeholders in the belief that most of them will agree with the decision
  3. ______ is a tactic many companies are using to reduce fringe benefit costs.
    all of the above
  4. ______ percent of companies that reinstated 401(k) matches after the recession cut contributions.
  5. There are three types of ethics that influence a company’s code of ethics: social, professional and individual. Which definition order below matches the order above?
    Rule of law, values in the workplace, family influence
  6. According to the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, the median balance in 401(k) and IRAs for households headed by people ages 55 to 64 who had accounts at work is around  ______.
  7. To ensure retirees don't run out of money, benefits experts suggest they withdraw no more than ______ percent annually from their retirement savings during their retirement years.
  8. In an ethical control system managers try to
    Account for stakeholders sharing the pain and gain over time
  9. Some of the problems cited with traditional taxi service are
    all above
  10. How does Uber differ from a traditional taxi company?
    all of the above
  11. Which of the following styles would be considered to be the most ethical and socially responsible.
  12. Which statement is the most applicable about ethics across international boundaries?
    A bribe in one country may not be considered a bribe in another country
  13. A person reporting illegal and unethical acts performed by companies and their managers is called a
  14. When the US dollar weakens, import prices rise
  15. What seems to be disruptive about Uber’s business model?
    all of the above
  16. India's currency is the ____, with an exchange rate of approximately ____ to one U.S. dollar.
    rupee, 62
  17. If you are a company that exports a significant part of your sales, you would want__________.
    your countries currency to be relatively weak
  18. The Chinese now account for a little more than ___________ of global luxury spending.
    a quarter
  19. Total luxury sales last year increased about 2 percent in mainland China as _______________________ curbed growth.
    a government clampdown on gifts to officials
  20. An internal investigation at UNC concluded that corrupted courses and unauthorized grade changes did not constitute an athletic scandal.
  21. The normal laws of supply and demand also apply to currencies
  22. The largest producer of fine particulate air pollution in India's urban areas is _____________________.
    diesel powered vehicles
  23. PM2.5, a category of pollutants that ____, has a very high annual average concentration in New Delhi.
    are so small they penetrate deep into the lungs and pass into the bloodstream
  24. The population of China is roughly ______ times that of the U.S.
  25. The economic reasons for international trade include absolute advantage and comparative advantage, as well as
    economies of scale
  26. If the exchange rate is 1€ = $ 1.40; then how much is 5€ worth in US $?
  27. _____________ has the largest share of the North American disposable diaper market.
  28. In the past 12 months, P&G shares have gained 2.1 percent compared to a 9.7 percent increase for the _______ -member Standard & Poor's 500 Consumer Staples Index.
  29. If a Euro (€) is worth US$ 1.50, then how many Euro is $1.00 worth?
    € 0.67
  30. Procter & Gamble is counting on ____________ to bolster its diaper business.
    emerging markets
  31. Disposable diapers were first created by _____________ in _________.
    P&G, 1961
  32. Use the following exchange rates: $100 = 8000¥ & 100€ = $140.
    As a buyer for your company you need to buy a supply of a certain part. You are offered three identical parts from Japan, the European Union and the US; ignoring freight, tariffs, duties, etc., which of the following prices is the least expensive?
  33. _______________ accounts for the largest share of revenue at P&G.
  34. P&G's company headquarters is in ________________.
  35. Which of the following is not a step in the DECIDE model of decision making?
    defend, evaluate, review
  36. In the “Establish decision criteria” section of the DECIDE model, the purpose is to answer the question “What will the perfect solution look like”
  37. Pot growers and dispensaries in Colorado that to not adhere to the RFID regulations could face loss of license and possible criminal charges.
  38. All of the following are part of the task environment of a company except:
  39. At what point in the process are the RFID tags required by the Colorado authorities placed on the pot plants?
    as they're being grown
  40. All of the following are part of the general environment of a business, except:
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