business test 1

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  1. Management is defined as the process of
    coordinating people and other resources to achieve the goals of the
  2. According
    to an article we read a recent survey by the Association of German Banks
    said most young Germans don’t even know what __________ means.
  3. Competitive Advantage is the ability of an organization to produce goods
    or services more effectively than competitors do, thereby outperforming them.
  4. Key management skills include technical, conceptual and
    interpersonal skills.
  5. What level of management makes the long term decisions about
    the overall direction and determines the strategic direction of an
  6. A German reform on November 15, 1923, brought in a new currency at a
    rate of 1 __________ to one, and in 1924 hyperinflation abated.
  7. All of the following are decisional
    management roles, except
  8. All of the following are interpersonal management roles,except
  9. We have read that Cambodia’s garment industry is a fast-growing and politically significant sector.  It contributes _________ of that country’s annual gross domestic product of $14 billion.
    5 billion
  10. The main resources of management include all of the following, except
    instructional resources
  11. According to the article “Cambodians Risk Their Lives for $160 a Month”, more textile
    business has moved to Cambodia partly as a result of:
    rising labor costs in china
  12. A company’s processes, culture, staff, product
    lines, ability to innovate, financial strength, service level and number of patents would be analyzed to uncover
    strengths and opportunities
  13. The Bloomberg BusinessWeek article “Can Target Find its Place in the Big City”, states that although there are a number of differences between City Targets and standard Super Target, the most significant
    difference is _________________.
    store size
  14. An objective is a specific statement detailing what the organization intends to accomplish over a shorter period of time compared with goals.
  15. Thebroadest set of plans developed by a company is called a
    strategic plan
  16. Ranging from 89,000 square feet to 124,000 square feet, Target's urban stores _______________________________.
    will likely even get smaller
  17. According to the Syllabus, the Company Presentation accounts for _________ of the course grade.
  18. A tactical plan is
    A smaller scale plan to implement a strategy
  19. Directing is the combined processes of leading
    and motivating
  20. Which of the following attributes best describes a great leader
    all of the above
  21. Over the last three decades, the
    percentage of U.S. GDP accounted for by manufacturing has _________.
    fallen from roughly 28 percent to around 12 percent
  22. Which job does Janet Yellen currently hold?
    Chair of the Federal Reserve
  23. What is the unit of currency of China?
    Yuan (Renminbi)
  24. From 1980 to 2012 across the whole U.S.
    economy, output per hour worked increased 85 percent. In manufacturing, output
    climbed _________.
    twice as much
  25. The management process covers four basic functions, which include all of the following, except
  26. Which of the following is not one of the steps
    in the controlling function of management?
    creating operational plans
  27. Which of the following positions would NOT be
    categorized as a Top management position?
    division manager
  28. Which of the following management roles would be categorized as a Decisional Role?
  29. SWOT in a business setting usually refers to:
    strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
  30. The term CEO generally refers to:
    chief executive officer
  31. Which features of the Indian market are attracting foreign e-commerce companies?
    a and c
  32. Given Amazon and EBay’s current
    investments and activities, the Indian government policy has effectively barred
    foreign e-commerce companies from stocking inventory and selling goods from foreign merchants.
  33. When doing SWOT work, analyzing strengths and weaknesses of the company requires
    an inward focus on what's happening in a company
  34. According to the Syllabus for this course, missing ____________ or more classes will result in failure   of the course.
  35. Which of the following numbers is the closest
    estimate of the population of the People’s Republic of China?
  36. Which country has the world’s largest economy?
    United States
  37. ________ is a measure of how efficiently a company uses the money shareholders invest in it.
  38. The primary goal of a typical U.S. or European public company's leadership is to maximize ________.
    shareholder value
  39. "World's Worst Job" suggests Microsoft is in
    a turnaround situation (or at least in need of fixing) because
    Microsoft’s share of the OS market is shrinking.
  40. A company’s processes, culture, staff, product lines, ability to innovate, financial strength, service level and number of patents would be analyzed to uncover
    both strengths and weaknesses
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