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  1. What does ATA mean
    Atmospheres Absolute
  2. What does PSIG
    Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
  3. What does PSIA
    Pounds per Square Inch Absolute
  4. What does PPM mean
    Parts Per Million
  5. What does mmHg mean
    Millimeters of Mercury
  6. What does FSW mean
    Feet of Sea Water
  7. What does SCF mean
    Standard Cubic Feet
  8. What does CFM mean
    Cubic Feet a Minute
  9. What does ACFM mean
    Actual Cubic Feet a Minute
  10. What does FV mean
    Floodable Volume
  11. What does PP mean
    Partial Pressure
  12. O2 stands for what
  13. N2 stands for
  14. CO stands for
    Carbon Monoxide
  15. SEV stands for
    Surface Equivalent Value
  16. CuFt means what
    Cubic Feet
  17. What does TCPO2 mean
    Transcutaneous Partial Pressure of Oxygen
  18. TM stands for
    Tympanic Membrane
  19. NFPA stands for
    National Fire Protection Association
  20. ASME stands for
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  21. PVHO stands for
    Pressure Vessels For Human Occupancy
  22. CGA stands for
    Compressed Gas Association
  23. BIBS stands for
    Built-In Breathing System
  24. UHMS stands for
    Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
  25. CO2 stands for
    Carbon Dioxide
  26. ATPI stands for
    Acute Traumatic Peripheral Ischemia
  27. CAGE stands for
    Cerebral Air Gas Embolism
  28. AGE stands for
    Air Gas Embolism
  29. DCS stands for
    DeCompression Sickness
  30. COHgb stands for
  31. EBLA stands for
    Exceptional Blood Loss Anemia
  32. 3-H tissue means
    Hypo-vascular, Hypo-cellular & Hypoxic
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