vocab 7/18

  1. fastidious
    meticulous, demanding, having high and often unattainable standards
  2. fallacious
    incorrect, misleading
  3. facile
    easy, requiring little effort
  4. facade
    1. wall of a building 2. deceptive appearance or attitude
  5. extricate
    to disentangle
  6. extol
    to praise, revere
  7. fraught
    to be filled or accompanied with
  8. fractious
    troublesome, irritating
  9. fortitude
    strength, guts
  10. forsake
    to give up, renounce
  11. forestall
    to thwart, prevent, delay
  12. forbearance
    patience, restraint, toleration
  13. florid
    flowery, ornate
  14. flagrant
    offensive, egregious
  15. flaccid
    limp, neither firm nor strong
  16. fetter
    to chain, restrain
  17. fetid
    having a foul odor
  18. felicitious
    1. well-suited, apt 2. delightful, pleasing
  19. fecund
    fruitful, fertile
  20. fatuous
    silly, foolish
  21. garish
    gaudy, in bad taste
  22. gluttony
    overindulgence in food or drink
  23. gourmand
    someone fond of eating and drinking, epicurean
  24. grandiloquence
    lofty, pompous landguage
  25. gratuitous
    uncalled for, unwarranted
  26. gregarious
    • 1. drawn to the company of others, sociable.
    • 2. a: of a plant : growing in a cluster or a colony
    • b : living in contiguous nests but not forming a true colony —used especially of wasps and bees
  27. grievous
    injurious, hurtful, serious or grave in nature
  28. guile
    deceitful, cunning, sly behavior
  29. hackneyed
    unoriginal, trite
  30. hallowed
    revered, consecrated
  31. hapless
  32. harangue
    1. a ranting speech 2. to give such a speech
  33. hardy
    robust, capable of surviving through adverse conditions
  34. harrowing
    greatly distressing, vexing
  35. hedonist
    one who belieeves pleasure should be the primary pursuit of humans
  36. hegemony
    • 1. preponderant influence or authority over others
    • 2. the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group
  37. heinous
    shocking wicked, repugnant
  38. knell
    the solemn sound of a bell, often indicating a death
  39. juxtaposition
    the act of placing two things next to each other for implicit comparison
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