Old Irish vocab 13

  1. sund, sunda
    here, in this place, hither, to this place

    this, here
  2. samlaid
    thus, so
  3. trá
    then, therefore, so, indeed

    however, but, on the other hand
  4. ol
    says, said
  5. olchena
    besides, in addition, in general, the others, the rest
  6. nammá
    only, merely
  7. cenmothá
    apart from, besides, in addition to, except, but
  8. cétamus
    firstly, to begin with, originally, however, moreover, indeed, even
  9. acht
    save, except, only

    except that, save only that, but

    provided that, if only
  10. ám
    indeed, truly, moreover, however
  11. amein, ameind, amin, ammin, amnin, amne
    thus, in accordance with what has already been said, so, then, accordingly
  12. dano
    also, further, in addition to, besides, as well, too, then, therefore, accordingly, so, upon which, now, however
  13. dáig, dóig
    because of, for the sake of

    ar/do/for ~ - on account of, in order to

    since, for, because, in order that
  14. didiu
    therefore, hence, moreover, further, also, indeed, then, thereupon, henceforth, as well, too
  15. mochen, fochen
    welcome, lucky, blessed, fortunate
  16. indaas, indás
    than, than is
  17. oldaas, oldás
  18. fadéin, féin, fadessin, fessin, cadein, cein
    emph-self, X-own
  19. dús
    lit to learn, see, find out

    whether, if
  20. indossa
    now, just now
  21. immurgu
    however, moreover, well, then ,now, indeed, in truth, besides
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Old Irish vocab 13
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