SSW In Ontario

  1. Week One
  2. Welfare State
    refers to a country that is commited to correction the problem of unequal distribution of wealth in a capitalist economy. In addition to implementing social security programs, countries that qualify as welfare states use their powers of taxation to redistribute income from rich to poor
  3. Welfare State Key Functions
    • 1). Using states power to acheive desired goals
    • 2). Altering the normal operation of the market place
    • 3). Using grants, taxes and income programs
  4. Social Policy
    is a plan or blueprint that guieds a governments strategies for helping citizens to meet a wide range of material and social needs
  5. Social Programs
    programs that are developed, implemented and administered in the areas of social welfare, health care or post secondary education
  6. Social Security
    government programs and services that aim to assist people who are limited in their ability to earn income as a result of old age, disability, unemployment sickness or other contingencies
  7. Social Services
    are non-income programs provided by government or charitable organizations. The primary aim of these services is to enhance social functioning, foster self-sufficiency, and promote health and well-being
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