Day 26

  1. antipathy
    n. dislike, disgust, hatred       반감

    His campaign tactics earned Nixon the antipathy of a number of independents.
  2. applicable
    adj. capable of being applied, appropriate  적용 가능한, 적절한

    Gravitational rules are not applicable in space and zero gravity environments.
  3. blot out
    phr. cover, hide, screen, veil          가리다

    The dark clouds blotted out the sun.
  4. bold
    adj. brave, daring, courageous, valiant  대담한, 용감한

    Despite Nancy's bold words, there was a cold terror in her eyes.
  5. boom
    v. flourish, thrive, prosper              번성하다, 호황

    During the Civil war, the American economy was booming.
  6. characteristic
    adj. 1. distinctive, special, peculiar    독특한

    n. 2. feature, element, trait, quality   특성
  7. clear
    adj. lucid, apparent, obvious      명쾌한
  8. coarse
    adj. rough, crude, vulgar         거친, 천한

    Henry's coarse language at the dinner party offended many of the guests.
  9. concentrate
    v. 1. focus                      집중하다

    v. 2. center, cluster          모으다
  10. contemplate
    v. consider, ponder, brood         고려하다, 심사숙고하다

    John accepted a teaching position in Vancouver while he contemplated the future.
  11. cripple
    v. maim, disable, ruin                 손상시키다

    The Trojan virus crippled the software company's operations.
  12. demanding
    adj. difficult, exacting            힘든, 큰 노력을 요하는
  13. deviate
    • v. diverge, wander, stray        (일상,예상 등을)
    • 벗어나다

    Ancient sailors looked at the stars so that they would not deviate from their course.
  14. discover
    v. ascertain, determine, find out     확인하다, 찾아내다
  15. discrete
    adj. distinct                     구별되는, 별개의

    in Weber's mind, the discrete elements were tied together into a coherent totality.
  16. encompass
    v. include, embrace, contain        포함(망라)하다, 아우르다

    The company's new strategic plan encompasses many different goals and ideals.
  17. entertain
    v. divert, amuse, please              즐겁게 하다
  18. far-sighted
    adj. wise, judicious                  현명한, 선견지명이 있는

    The investor was successful because he was more far-sighted than other investors.
  19. fluctuate
    v. change, vary, vacillate, sway       변동하다

    Because the temperature fluctuates so much in Wisconsin, many people carry warm clothes and umbrellas in their cars.
  20. halt
    v. stop, cease, stand still           멈추다, 서다, 세우다

    The traffic guard halted Susan adn her friends at the crosswalk until the light turned green.
  21. incessantly
    adv. constantly, continuously      끊임없이, 그칠 새 없이

    Patton had to incessantly plead with Congress for equipment for his army.
  22. leading
    adj. dominant, chief, foremost, primary  우세한, 주된

    The leading cause of cancer in the United States in smoking, while the second is skin damage from UV-ray exposure.
  23. modify
    v. change, alteration, modification  변경하다
  24. mutation
    n. change, alteration, modification   변이, 변화

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention monitors infectious viruses that are likely to undergo mutation such as the SARS virus.
  25. obelisk
    n. obelus, stone pillar      방첨탑, 오벨리스크
  26. pastime
    n. entertainment, diversion, recreation  기분 전환

    Gambling is an addictive pastime that has ruined many people's lives.
  27. rather than
    phr. instead of                 ~대신에
  28. receptacle
    n. container, vessel, reservoir, holder   그릇, 용기

    The cook put the ingredients into a receptacle.
  29. rely
    v. depend                   의지하다
  30. remote
    adj. secluded, distant, removed       외딴, 멀리 떨어진

    While Watson was smoking, Gertrude would sit in a remote corner of the garden.
  31. rotten
    adj. decayed, decomposed, corrupt   썩은, 부패한
  32. rove
    v. roam, wander                          배회하다, 방랑하다

    With no destination in mind, Harry and Sally roved about the countryside.
  33. shoddy
    adj. inferior, poor, base         조악한, (질이) 떨어지는, 조잡한

    The professor was upset by the shoddy quality of his students' writing.
  34. shred
    v. tear apart, cut, tatter      (갈기갈기) 찢다
  35. simply
    adv. only, just, merely      단지
  36. span
    n. 1. duration, period, length    기간

    v. 2. extend across, cover, cross     ~에 걸치다, 이르다

    The Golden Gate Bridge spans over 1.2 miles in length and is nearly 800 feet high.
  37. stun
    v. amaze, astound, daze          놀라게 하다

    Many readers were stunned by the tragic end of the novel.
  38. tranquil
    adj. peaceful, calm, placid     평온한, 차분한, 고요한

    the father and son spent a tranquil day fishing on the lake.
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