Anthropology Exam Review 3

  1. Significant changes in culture may result from:
    accidents.B. innovations.C. forced or selective contact with other cultures.
  2. Left to itself, a society's cultural pattern will usually:
    change gradually, consistent with its basic pattern
  3. A new practice, tool, or principle that becomes widely accepted within a group is called:
    an innovatio
  4. Pottery manufacturing with fired clay is considered a primary innovation because it:
    involved the chance discovery of new principles
  5. Diffusion can be described as basically
    voluntary and selective
  6. In the process of diffusion an innovation is usually:
    modified to fit into the borrowing culture.
  7. Adoption of a different practice or technology may lead to a culture loss because:
    the former practice may be forgotten through disuse
  8. Acculturation is characterized by:
    threat of force and massive change.
  9. Systematic efforts that result in extermination of one people by another is termed:
  10. Applied anthropology most frequently involves:
    assistance for a group that wants to impose changes on another group
  11. A situation that may lead to rebellion and revolution is:
    loss of prestige by an established authority.
  12. All of the following groups are examples of revitalization movements EXCEPT:
    the "religious right".B. Mormons. C. Branch Davidians.D. Black Muslims.
  13. Syncretism is best defined as:
    blending of indigenous and foreign traits.
  14. he term modernization reflects the belief that:
    Western industrial societies are superior to traditional societies.
  15. A tendence toward a global culture is seen in the present-day:
    widespread adoption of the practices of Western societies.
  16. he union of smaller units into larger political and social units on a worldwide basis:
    now seems to be balanced by a tendency of large units to fragment.
  17. Anthropologists generally hold a strong belief in the:
    value of every human society.
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