GCSE PE 1.2.1 - Somatotypes and drugs

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  1. Give 5 reasons why an athlete would take drugs.
    • Hide the pain of an injury
    • To calm themselves down before a competition
    • To win to gain financial benefits
    • To build muscle quick
    • To lose weight
  2. Give three reasons why athletes shouldn't take drugs.
    • Cheating/against rules/illegal
    • Get banned/disqualified
    • Should demonstrate good sporting behaviour/unfair advantage/ bad image/bad role model
  3. Identify the 6 different categories of drugs.
    • Anabolic Steroids
    • Stimulants
    • Beta Blockers
    • Diuretics
    • Narcotic Analgesics
    • Peptide Hormones
  4. Who would take anabolic steroids and why?
    Power athletes to increase muscle mass/size.
  5. Who would take beta blockers and why?
    Snooker player to lower HR/steady hand
  6. Who would take diuretics and why?
    Jockey to increase urine production to have rapid weight loss.
  7. Who would take narcotic analgesics and why?
    Injured athletes to relieve pain
  8. Who would take stimulants and why?
    Sprinter to be more alert/speed up reactions
  9. Who would take the peptide hormone EPO and why?
    Endurance athletes to produce more red blood cells
  10. What four factors affect optimum weight?
    • Height
    • Gender
    • Muscle girth
    • Bone structure
  11. What is the definition of obesity?
    A term that is used to describe people who are very overfat. Men that have over 25% body fat and women over 30%.
  12. What is the definition of overweight?
    • Having weight in excess of normal (not
    • harmful unless accompanied by overfatness)


    •   Having weight in excess of normal (not
    • harmful unless accompanied by overfatness)
  13. What is the definition of overfat?
    Someone who has more body fat than they should do.
  14. What are three different somatotypes?
    • Mesomorph
    • Ectomorph
    • Endomorph
  15. Name an athlete that would be each somatotype.
    • Mesomorph - sprinter/rugby player/weight lifter
    • Ectomorph - long distance runner/high jumper
    • Endomorph - sumo wrestler
  16. What is anorexia?
    A prolonged eating disorder due to loss of appetite.
  17. What is a good way of measuring if someone is over weight?
    BMI - body mass index
  18. Give 4 illnesses caused by smoking.
    • Coronary heart disease
    • Bronchitis
    • Emphysema
    • Cancer
  19. Give 4 long term effect of exercise alcohol abuse.
    • Liver disease
    • Cancer of the mouth and throat
    • High blood pressure
    • Infertility
  20. Give 6 ways of reducing the risks involved in sport.
    • warming-up/cooling-down,
    • checking equipment and facilities,
    • personal readiness/PAR-Q,
    • balanced competition,
    • adherence to rules,
    • correct clothing.
  21. Give 4 ways that a competition can be balanced.
    • Age
    • Ability
    • Gender
    • Weight
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