1. Before heading to work at a bingo hall, Cannon had a premonition. [ˏprimə`nɪʃən] 
    a strange and unexplainable feeling that something, especially something unpleasant, is going to happen 〔尤指不祥的〕預感﹐預兆
  2. Jesse often had bloodshot eyes and acted sleepy and incoherent.
    1. bloodshot eyes are slightly reddish in colour 〔眼睛〕充血的﹐有血絲的

    2. thoughts, ideas etc that are incoherent are very badly expressed or badly arranged and are difficult to understand 〔思想﹑觀點等〕條理不清的; 紊亂的

    3. speaking unclearly 言語不清的
  3. There were other, more worrisome signs: her once cheerful son had become easily aggravated.[ˋægrə͵veitid]
    1. formal -making you anxious 【正式】令人焦慮的

    2. (病情、事態等)嚴重化的;加重的
  4. Buoyed  [`buɪ] by a promise that he's stopped using K2, Cannon went to visit Jesse at his new job at...
    to make someone feel happier or more confident 振奮…的精神; 鼓舞
  5. I guess you could call it a mother's intuition [ˏɪntjʋ`ɪʃən] or something.
    the ability to understand or know something by using your feelings rather than by carefully considering the facts 直覺力
  6. It is synthetic [sɪn`ɵɛtɪk] drugs, also known as legal highs or designer drugs.
    1. produced by combining different artificial substances, rather than being naturally produced 合成的﹐人造的

    • 2. behaving in an unusually excited way because of taking drugs 〔吸食毒品後〕極度興
    • 奮的

    e.g They were high on cocaine .

    • 3. Substances which produce similar effects to illegal drugs (such as cocaine and ecstasy) but that are not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act.
    • They cannot be sold for human consumption, but are often sold as bath salts or plant food to get round the law.
  7. Five years ago, these substances were virtually  [`vɝtʃʋəlɪ]  unheard of.
    1. ALMOST 實際上﹐事實上; 差不多

    2. something that is unheard-of is so unusual that it has not happened or been known before 前所未聞的; 空前的
  8. They are spreading to eager buyers everywhere at unprecedented [ʌn`prɛsəˏdɛntɪd] speed.
    never having happened before, or never having happened so much 空前的﹐前所未有的
  9. Faced with their rapid proliferation  [proˏlɪfə`reʃən],  legislators `lɛdʒɪsˏletɚ] are looking for ways to respond.
    1. a rapid increase in the amount or number of something 〔數量〕激增; 擴散

    2. someone who has the power to make laws or belongs to an institution that makes laws 立法者﹐立法機關成員
  10. "We have to be as sophisticated as the crooks  [krʋk]  ," says Senator  [ˋsɛnətɚ] Amy,who introduced a bill to make it easier to prosecute synthetic-drug crimes.
    1. informal -someone who is dishonest 【非正式】騙子﹐無賴

    2. 參議員

    3. to formally present a new law to be discussed and voted on將一項新法律提交討論
  11. The chemists tweak [twik] the formula to make a new substance that purports  [pɝ`pɔrt] to be legal.
    1. to make small changes to a machine, vehicle, or system in order to improve the way it works 對〔機器﹑汽車或系統〕作小小的改進

    2. Matthew tweaked her nose .   馬修揑了她的鼻子。

    3. purport to be/be purported to be -formal -to claim to be something, and give the impression that it is true, even if it is not 【正式】聲稱是…﹐據稱是…﹐像是…
  12. Mixed by chemists in labs, synthetics are chemical compounds designed to mimic [`mɪmɪk] the effects of naturally occurring drugs like marijuana and cocaine.
    to copy the way someone speaks or behaves, especially in order to make people laugh 模仿〔某人的言行﹐尤指為了逗樂〕﹐學…的樣子
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