Renal Tubular Acidosis

  1. Type I RTA?
    • Defect H+ secretion @ distal tubule
    • Urine pH>5.5
    • Causes: autoimmune, Lithium
    • Complications: Nephrolithiasis (calcium phosphate)
    • Treatment: Replace bicarbonate
  2. Nephrolithiasis is caused by?
    Type I RTA, calcium phosphate stones.
  3. Lithium causes?
    Type I RTA
  4. Low serum K+ is found in?
    Type I and Type II RTA
  5. How do you treat Type I RTA?
  6. Where is Type I RTA?
    Distal tubule
  7. Type II RTA??
    • Defect NaCO3 resorption @ proximal tubule
    • Urinary pH <5.3
    • Causes: cystinosis, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, Multiple myeloma
    • Complications: Osteomalacia (hypophosphatemic)
    • Treatment: Thiazides, volume depleation
  8. Cystinosis causes:
    Type II RTA
  9. Multiple myeloma causes?
    Type II RTA
  10. Complication of type II RTA?
  11. Treatment of type II RTA?
    Thiazides, volume depletion
  12. Type III RTA??
    • Defect: Aldosterone deficiency or resistance @ Distal tubule
    • Urinary pH: <5.3
    • Serum K+: High
    • Causes: Aldosterone deficiency, ACE-Is, NSAIDs, Spironolactone
    • Complications: Hyperkalemia
    • Treatment: Furosemide, mineralcorticoid (+/- glucocoritcoid replacement)
  13. Causes hyperkalemia?
    Type III RTA
  14. Caused by NSAIDs or ACEIs
    Type III RTA
  15. How to treat type III RTA?
    Furosemide, mineralcorticoid (+/- glucocoritcoid replacement)
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