Eye Part 2

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  1. Wall of eye has 3 layers?
    • Fibrous
    • Inner
    • Vascular
  2. Outermost layer of eyeball, containing cornea and sclera?
    Fibrous Layer
  3. 3 Main Functions of Fibrous Layer?
    • 1. Support/Protect
    • 2. Attachment site for eye muscle
    • 3. Contains cornea
  4. Layer contains numerous blood vessels, lymphatic vessels?
    Vascular Layer
  5. Innermost layer of eye where light energy is gathered?
    Inner layer, Retina
  6. 4 Main Functions of Vascular Layer
    • provide route
    • regulate light
    • secrete/absorb fluid
    • control lens shape
  7. Vascular layer is composed of what 3 structures?
    blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and smooth muscles
  8. Contains pigmented cells which give eye color and control pupil size?
  9. Thickened region that buldges into eye and acts as an anchor for suspensory ligaments?
    Ciliary Body
  10. Covered by the sclera, has capillary network that delivers nutrients to neural tissue?
  11. Cells sensitive to light?
    Photo receptor
  12. Type of fluid in posterior cavity?
    Vitreous Humor
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