Ear Part 1

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  1. Ear is divided into 3 anatomical regions?
    External, Middle, and Inner Ear
  2. Structure consists of elastic cartilage and used to collect sound waves and funnel them into external acoustic meatus?
  3. Visible portion of ear which collects and directs sound waves to middle ear?
    External Ear
  4. Portion of the ear goes by 2 names, that describes the air filled cavity separated from external meatus by means of tympanic membrane?
    Auditory Tube, Pharnygotympanic
  5. Portion of ear that contains sensory organs for hearing and equilibrium?
    Internal Ear
  6. Passage way within temporal bone thru which sound waves travel from external ear to tympanic membrane?
    External Acoustic Meatus
  7. Glands which secrete ear wax?
    Cercuminous Gland
  8. What is wax in ear called?
  9. 2 Main Functions of Cerumen?
    • 1.Slows growth of microorganisms
    • 2. Help foreign objects from entering
  10. Known as ear drum, lies at end of external auditory meatus, and separates internal from external?
    Tympanic Membrane
  11. Structure permits pressure equilization on either side of tympanic membrane?
    Auditory Tube
  12. What is the middle ear infection called?
    Otitis Media
  13. 3 bones in inner ear?
    Malleus, incus, stapes
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