Special Senses:Topic 5-6

  1. Simplest receptors and common in epithelial tissue, responsible for sensation of itching
    Free Nerve Endings
  2. Small oval masses of flattened connective tissue cells in sheaths. 2 or more sensory fibers branch into each corpuscle and end within it as tiny knobs
    Meissner's Corpuscles
  3. Relatively large, ellipsoidal structures composed of connective tissue fibers and cells. Common in deeper dermal tissue of hands, feet, tendons.
    Pacinian Corpuscles
  4. Detect vibrations in tissue
    Pacinian Corpuscle
  5. Associated with changes at body surface. Include senses of touch, pressure, temp, and pain
    Exteroreceptive Senses
  6. Associated with changes in viscera
    Visceroreceptive Sense
  7. Associated with changes in muscles, tendons, and body position
    Proprioceptive Senses
  8. Most sensitive to temps between 10-20. Temps below 10 stimulate pain receptors, producing freezing sensation
    Cold Receptor
  9. Most sensitive to temps above 25 and become unresponsive at temps above 45. Cause burning sensation
    Warm Receptor
  10. Myelinated, conduct nerve impulses rapidly at velocities of 30m per second. Associated with sharp pain. Seldom continues after pain producing stimulus stops
    Acute Pain Fibers
  11. Unmyelinated, conduct impulses more slowly at velocities up to 2m per second. Cause dull aching pain sensation that may be diff to pin point
    Chronic Pain Fibers
  12. Pain that feels as if its coming from some other body part other then part that's being stimulated
    Visceral Pain
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Special Senses:Topic 5-6
Special Senses:Topic 5-6