The Bosnian Crisis, 1908

  1. What were the events of this crisis?
    Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina to prevent any Ottoman attempts to recover this territory 

    The Ottomans objected to this, as did Serbia and Russia. Russia considered war

    • Germany made it clear to Russia that it would protect Austria-Hungary
    • Russia and Serbia backed down
  2. Why was all of this significant?
    It increased the tension

    Serbia and Russia were furious that they were made to look weak and were determined to make sure that they won the next dispute

    The Triple Alliance looked strong 

    A Serbian terrorist organisation called the 'Black Hand' gang formed to fight Austria-Hungary in the Balkans
  3. There was a revolution in Turkey, which Austria-Hungary took advantage of to annex Bosnia
    Bosnia was annex by Austria-Hungary on October 6th 1908, prior to this point the Austrians and the Russians had been in discussions over the fate of the region, although this final step was taken without consulting the Russian Foreign Minister.
  4. Austria-Hungary claimed that their control over Bosnia had already been agreed in principle
    All of the countries had previously agreed this in the Treaty of Berlin. Powers had agreed to give temporary control of Bosnia-Herzegovina to Austria-Hungary
  5. Serbia responded aggressively and demanded compensation
    Tensions rose with Serbia threatening to send their military and called on their army reserves, in addition they wanted compensation in money and a strip of land.
  6. The 'Great Powers' quickly came to play a leading role in the crisis
    A conference was called to discuss this with Austria-Hungary. Although Austria-Hungary tried to limit what could possibly be discussed which angered Serbia again.
  7. Russia eventually backed down due to a lack of military strength
    This left Serbia furios and also embarrassed after what had happened, they were determined to ensure that they won the next dispute.
  8. The crisis strengthened the two alliances
    The Triple Alliance was looking strong, this left Serbia feeling abandoned and it was at this point that we saw the Serbian nationalist groups form, such as the 'Black Hand' gang.
  9. How did nationalism cause the Balkans crisis?
    The Ottoman empire was in decline and the Balkans were available, nationalism as important for countries like Serbia, with Serbs living in Bosnia-Herzegovina. This gave them a patriotic claim for nationalism and eventually a 'Greater Serbia'
  10. What is the pro-tip for writing History essays?
    • Point 
    • Evidence 
    • Explain
    • Link
  11. Other 2 wars which occurred?
    Fist Balkan War - Turks fell put of power...everyone joined against the Ottomans

    The Second Balkan War, 1913 - Balkan league started fighting amongst itself.. Serbia & A&H came out powerful
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