vocab 7/17

  1. equivocal
    ambiguous, uncertain, undecided
  2. espouse
    to take up as a cause, support
  3. equanimity
  4. discordant
    not in agreement or harmony
  5. dissemble
    to conceal, fake
  6. discursive
    rambling, lacking order
  7. duress
    threat, hardship
  8. dour
    stern, joyless
  9. effrontery
    impudence, nerve, insolence
  10. expurgate
    to remove offensive or incorrect parts, usually from a book
  11. evince
    to show or reveal
  12. expunge
    to obliterate, eradicate
  13. exhort
    to urge, prod, spur
  14. exculpate
    to free from blame or guilt, exonerate
  15. effulgent
    radiant, splendorous
  16. discomfit
    to thwart, baffle
  17. emollient
  18. engender
    to bring about, create, generate
  19. empirical
    1. based on observations or experience 2. capable of being proven or disproven
  20. disseminate
    to spread widely
  21. disrepute
    state of being held in low regard
  22. enmity
    ill-will, hatred, hostility
  23. disparate
    sharply differing, containing sharply contrasting elements
  24. divisive
    causing dissent, discord
  25. distend
    to swell
  26. ennui
    boredom, weariness
  27. epistolary
    relating to or consisting of letters (of correspondence, not of the alphabet)
  28. dither
    to be indecisive
  29. disavow
    to deny knowledge of or responsibility for
  30. docile
    easily taught or trained
  31. erudite
  32. eschew
    to shun, avoid
  33. euphoric
    elated, uplifted
  34. evanescent
    fleeting, momentary
  35. dogmatic
    aggressively and arrogantly certain about an unproven principle
  36. exacerbate
    to make more intense or violent
  37. ebullient
    extremely lively, enthusiastic
  38. eclectic
    consisting of a diverse variety of elements
  39. effervescent
    bubbly, lively
  40. egregious
    extremely bad
  41. execrable
    detestable, loathsome
  42. exigent
    urgent, critical in need
  43. efficacious
  44. expiate
    atone, to make amends for
  45. elicit
    to bring forth, draw out, evoke
  46. extant
    existing, not destroyed or lost
  47. emaciated
    very thin, enfeebled looking
  48. embezzle
    to steal money by falsifying records
  49. emend
    to correct or revise a written text
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